Rugby 2018


The Aussies are Arrogant, obnoxious fuckers. They can give it but they can’t take it.


A fcukin horrible sporting nation.


A fcukin horrible unsporting nation


The propaganda to influence the ref on Saturday has started so. They really won’t like losing on their patch


England scored a world record one day total against them today too. Sweet!


They don’t like losing and are shyte winners to boot




Cricket, old chap! Under-rated🤣


6 good deliveries and it would be over rated highly.


Depends on the run rate …


I have to say, in fairness, Joe is really mixing things up and giving lots of players a chance on this tour. A few changes - some enforced - yet still a strong team. The big concern would be the lack of an openside flanker. It might cost Ireland the game (and series) but the tour will be a success (barring Ireland getting a pasting on Saturday).


The French playing well here against the All Blacks and are dangerous with ball in hand.


Some bateing in the end. The French are light years behind them. I wonder are Ireland as well? NZ seem to have found a few more gems, Goodhue looks a serious star in the making.


Of course a tweet replying to it underneath cribbing that Dublin get similar treatment :roll_eyes:

Amazing all the same how much we’re living in their heads rent free :grin:


It was a joke and should have just brought them back for a re-scrum

It was all over after that try


The Aussie discipline has been shocking and until they get it sorted they won’t improve


Big time. 28 penalties in 2 tests is madness. Sexton is some warrior and player.


Great performance especially with the backs to the wall in the 2nd half.

Murray and Sexton have been brilliant on this tour.

I know it’s been said every year coming into a World Cup year but we are going to be very hard beaten unless we lose Murray and Sexton.


Great performance. A series win in somewhere like Australia will boost their confidence no end


Shane Horgan is a nauseating prick. Australia should have had one red and two yellow cards. Sexton, Murray and O Mahony have been targeted from day 1. We now have cover for every position except scrum half.