Rugby 2018


He has won back to back 6 Nations with a squad he inherited from Lancaster, so they played plenty of big games without blowing it, going 20 whatever games unbeaten and Eddie was happy to accept all the credit . Now its not going well he has to take the rap. I think he is a good coach but how is he micro-managing the players? Players arguing with fans and walking out of interviews doesn’t paint the picture of a happy group.


At least they’re not throwing vertically challenged people around.


Well I agree Jones is a wanker and I’ve no doubt he has played his part. Still think they are way overrated and got a handy enough Slam that year, can’t quite say that of Ireland because we had the two strongest nations away.


Are you counting France as strong?


I believe I qualified the comment. To outline it, the opposition for us was similar quality to that for England but having France and England away when you win a slam is still a bit more of a challenge than France away but Ireland and Wales at home


Or dwarves. Sorry. That was a pun- I think!


God no friend - that was nothing. You have semi mangled a very clever and politically correct post in trying to rob my irony … bah. You may rob my ironing anytime … but not so fast with my irony.


Quality!! Good man! (Said in a Pathe News middle England accent!).


Fair enough. In times gone by France & England away was a nightmare.


France were better this year than in recent years, no doubt. They should have beaten Ireland. But they are still some way off the powerhouse they once were. They will be desperate to improve (and probably will) in time for hosting the 2023 WC but so long as the Racing Metros and Toulons and Montpelliers of this world keep importing the cream of talent from overseas then they will struggle with that goal.


France have actually introduced new rules to combat this. At the moment at least 50% (12 out of 23) in a matchday squad have to be French or else they get fined*. There are some strange loopholes and anti-loopholes in this rule though. I think they’re increasing it next year - which is why Scott Spedding was released by his club, and I think he wanted to take them to court over it.

*No idea what the fines are if if Boudjellal or Lorenzetti even care.


HE might have a chance as an Eu citizen but as a saffer no chance. Also he is desperately average.


French by birth or eligibility?
12 out of 23 is still quite a licence to import.
You’re right about fines. They should be penalised with points deductions.


Spedding is a French citizen.


then he shouldn’t be falling foul of this rule?


It’s strange actually. It’s because Spedding is South African, even though he has represented France internationally. Taken from Wikipedia:

These regulations, however, do not consider eligibility to play for the French national team. For example, although the Armitage brothers (Delon, Steffon and Guy) all represented England internationally, they qualified as JIFF because of their tenure in Nice’s youth setup. On the other hand, recent France international Jérôme Thion, despite being a native and lifelong resident of France, did not qualify because he switched from basketball to rugby too late in his youth.


Ah i see, so they are saying you have to have been through the youth system, so therefor avoiding a bosman style case (based on EU freedom of movement). Good idea and can only benefit France in the long run, although as above, they % ought to be higher really - if they spent the cash on developing academies and players then it should work.

Even with the players they have, the top14 seeems to be a lot more attritional then what our players face - which doesnt do their national team any favours.


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Wonder will try any ball tampering this weekend?