Rugby 2018


In fairness Racing had awful luck with injuries before and during the game.


Big time and in fairness they had their home work done on Leinster and stopped them playing and their scrum half was by far the best player on the pitch and controlled the game.

They were unlucky and I thought they were mad trying to work that drop goal instead of gong through more phases and trying to work a penalty or even a try.


Definitely. Leinster were borderline in some of the very last rucks and if Racing made another few metres they could well have got a panicky penalty. Tales will want to forget his contribution. Gave away the last pen and then a poor drop.


We were ridden by the referee from start to finish. What about that?


No time for Barnes and he inexplicably didn’t card Nakarawa - a decision that could’ve been very costly in a tight game. That said, he was consistent on the high tackle (bulk of pens today?) and got most things right I think, even if he is over fussy.


Apart from the obvious yellow for the knock on he was ok I thought and was consistent.

It probably wasn’t a difficult game to referee and I can’t remember the last rugby game I watched that they didn’t have to go to the TMO for anything.

He’s still an insufferable pox though


And no yellow either … though …

I think the pen count was 13-10 in Leinstwr’s favour - I reckon almost a third were for high tackles? Offside too was high for Racing but unusually there weren’t many for holding on which shows how much work both teams put into the breakdown.


So the two yellow cards he did not issue for deliberate knock ons, or the two for tackles with no use of arms…or the constant offside in front of him? Hello?


One knock on blatant - other less so.


Listening to some of that lot singing COYBIB makes me want to throw up.


Ah stop … isn’t it great to think that lads from Longford, Laois, Kildare, Offaly, Carlow, Westmeath, Wicklow, Wexford and Meath can attach themselves to sporting success for once in their lives …


I die a little when I hear that’s being sung at Leinster games.


So fcuking what? Is he allowed not referee for some reason? The rule is that if you do not go for the ball with two hands, it is a deliberate knock on. Twice he ignored that. They were game changing decisions. Barnes hates Irish teams. Always has.


Surprised at a Munster man getting so animated about Mr Barnes


A Munster man?


Surely you’re from somewhere down that way???


Clontarf is in Leinster afaik!


Yaw certainly is … I always think of Clontarf in the same context of a man trapped in a woman’s body in that they are a Southside community trapped in a Northside body


Do You? And have you considered counselling to help with the chips on your shoulder? Have you considered, if you wish to be classist, that Howth, Sutton, Malahide, Portmarnock, Castleknock, Glasnevin, Drumcondra, Skerries…etc…ooops…we would have to move half of the north side to the south side!


No - only salt and vinegar …