Rugby 2018


Only time we were ahead in that game was that last kick from Isa


A lot down to Lancaster but I reckon he’s helped bring Cullen on


Cian Healy also with Kearney and Sexton in winning Grand Slams and European Cups doubles two different years.


Would never happen in Ireland (cough).


Nope we’d never ever do that at all :open_mouth:


Won ugly but just reward for a great European campaign.
Leavy a warrior & James Ryan outstanding!!

Now for Munster next week!!


Great win in the end for a mostly homegrown team

Rarely rugby games goes to the wire, when it does it’s very exciting!


4/4 in European finals is some record. Leinster GAA football may be in the merde but the rugby football is top class!


Why was Nacewa taking the kicks at the death?


Jonny hurt himself in a fall


Quite obviously a head injury too, and yet stayed on the pitch. The HIA needs a serious re-vamp. You could see he was groggy as feck.


I think a lot of it is down to Lancaster, but in fairness it was Cullen’s own decision to bring him in.


Would like to say unbelievable but this win is very, very believable! Leinster very professional at wearing a team down and even though not their best performance, came out with the result! A European cup final not always about the performance but about the professioanalism and result, brilliant mindset from Leinster to stick to the plan

Must say, great similarities to the dublin victories of late and thoroughly enjoyable!


Agreed, I’ve always doubted the bottle of Irish teams in big games, but delighted they’ve proved me wrong of late!


Was Leo Handsome crying at the end?


Cuala, Leinster, Grand Slam great days to be wearing a sheepskin coat …


Yeah, he’s the first person to play and coach a team to a European Cup

Great win especially when you consider the players that were missing or didn’t start.


Never thought of that, some achievement. Was he captain too for one of the wins, or was BOD the captain of the previous 3?


No Cullen was captain for all 3 after O’Driscoll stepped down as Leinster captain in 08


Funny, always had an image in my oul ceann of BOD lifting the trophy. So captained and managed? Some achievement.