Rugby 2018


@whatever over to you :wink:


Can anyone think of 1 good reason for playing the final in Bilbao?..


Great tapas, cidre, and museum.


“To grow the game”. But realistically no. Accommodation was immediately marked up massively, and some people are paying crazy amounts to stay in Bilbao - hundreds of euro a night. I saw some Bilbao local posting in a Leinster forum looking to rent out a room in his apartment, from one rugby fan to another, for €200 a night! Sound…
That said, prices are coming down a bit as not everyone is willing to pay extortionate prices, and it looks like it won’t even be a sell out


Basque country likes its rugby either side of the France/Spain border.
I think it’s a great idea.
First time the final is played outside of the original 5 nations.


Shite Sport


Hopefully our Singapore Dub is online, looking for a recommendation as to where to watch the match today? Thinking either Muddy Murphy or McGettigans, a shove in the right direction would be appreciated


Abt good streams for today’s match ?


I take it the Bloody Stream in Howth isn’t the type of answer you are looking for? :thinking:


Wayne Barnes left his yell8w card back in his hotel room. Two blatant knocks on.


Early injuries and high temoo game will hopefully take its toll on Racing.
Donncha Ryan is a beast and warrior.


Among other decisions. He is a total Cnut and hates Irish teams.


Wasn’t his decision either time to kick for goal from near the half-way line or quick tap a penalty that was easily kickable. Leinster’s decision making has been sub-par.


Poor game


Kearney, ya fückin’ thick, ya.


Isa brings it back level :clap:


Wayne Barnes is an awful ref how does he keep getting big games


Brain-fart from Teddy Thomas.


Get in there. Wasn’t pretty but a wins a win


Leo Cullen was getting dog’s abuse in the early part of his coaching career. Did he appoint Lancaster? How much id down to Cullen or Lancaster?