Rugby 2018


That’s Snapchat @Unbelievable


Ah right !


Get with the program grandad :joy:


I am probably one of the youngest posters here :grinning:
But WhatsApp & Snapchat are not on my radar :laughing:


Ah you are probably better off


The abuse on Grindr is shocking.


I’m sure some groups of lads would, no matter what their background, but not all.


From what I can see, people are using WhatsApp more than Facebook now, basically free text messages, but to can send to groups. It’s actially quite good and fully encrypted (if you believe Facebook).


Whatsapp is a brilliant resource. As long as they don’t mess it up. Facebook is madness.


Can it not be used for some posts around here?


… and you love it.


I really don’t think the irfu had any alternative… cannot imagine the reaction if they were kept on …


That would be an ecumenical matter! As Donal Og’s father is reputed to have said- ‘It was tough enough defending you over the short puck-outs. And now this?’


Leinster have a very strong team listed for tomorrow. 8 or 9 would normally make the starting line-up of a full-strength Irish team.

They should be easily good enough to see off the Scarlets.

I think Racing v Munster will be a very tight game, Munster coming up about 5-7 points short.


Leinster 38-9 up on the hour. 5 tries! Possibly the best team they have ever had. Love to see any Welsh team get a hiding. :grin:


Jaysus sounds too easy. Was that a semi-final?


Yep - Bilbao bound now.


Probably the best front row (and bench back-up for same) in World Club Rugby coupled with one of the best Number 10’s currently playing the game means they will always be hard to beat. The rest of the team isn’t too shabby either.

Is there a market for a Super 15 v European Champions game?


How many Irish internationals?


Ah Bilbao, that well known hotbed of rugby.