Rugby 2018


No organisation or sponsor will want a whiff of this near them … think of it was a straightforward case without the WhatsApp stuff they would be allowed continue but giving the current gender environment think irfu/ulster have little choice


"As a sponsor of Ulster Rugby, Bank of Ireland is highly concerned regarding the serious behaviour and conduct issues which have emerged as a result of the recent high profile trial. The Bank has formally conveyed these concerns to the CEO of Ulster Rugby.

"It is of paramount importance to Bank of Ireland that our sponsorship activity aligns with and supports our core values, and reflects positively on Bank of Ireland through association”.


It does align with their values! Dishonesty. Secrecy. Using people’s vulnerability. Fucking people over. Group denials. Pretending things didn’t happen. Apologising too late when under pressure to do so, but not really meaning it. It’s a perfect fit!



And rugby (in this case, but other sports in general) talking about values while accepting sponsorship from, and then being influenced by as demonstrated here, the likes of BOI is a particular kind of hypocrisy.

(It appears however that Kingspan are the main movers in this.)


Education programmes … for the most highly educated people. It’s not all academics but it’s a sad enough state of affairs if people need to be educated to treat others with dignity. It’s just the usual stuff trotted out. Bit of common decency needed - shouldn’t have to be taught.



In any case it’s the oldest rule in the book, red card for getting caught.


An anagram of spanking.


I take it that Olding’s and Jackson’s careers are effectively over at this stage? Who will touch them with contracts?


Hugh Hefner?


Everybody seems to think they’ll get a gig in France, oddly.


Olding apparently in advanced discussions with Exeter. Jackson in discussions with a Top 14 club in France


Out of interest , do people think their careers should be finished ? I’m not particularly happy about the result of the case when you hear what wasn’t allowed to be used as evidence. Should they be denied the chance to resume their careers though ?


Neil Francis: Jackson and Olding’s demise has been brought about principally by the power of sponsors and public opinion

Like francis said if you looked at the whatsapp content of a group of young fellas no matter what their background, it wouldn’t be to dissimilar to what jackson and the other lads posted .Sponsors are absolutely terrfied of having their brand associated with anything remotely unsavoury.


Eh,no, no you wouldn’t.


Not to sure about that mate


maybe your creepy mates. :joy:


I have left some WhatsApp groups that were creeping towards complete madness and sickness. A bit like these aforementioned!


Many people are totally desensitized by technology. I have done the same gor the same reason. Boundaries appear to crumble.


Never used WhatsApp , I thought I heard the messages are supposed to disappear quickly or something ?