Rugby 2018


Something only done twice in history is a huge thing but I get what you’re saying, in this instance, given the Champ is already won.
I wonder is there a danger Ireland switch off a bit? We’ve never been in this position before, not on edge with everything at stake, yet a huge opportunity at stake.


I agree tayto but someone is gonna exploit it aka Argentina is WC

Was asking friend bout it n he said henshaw is the defence organiser with both club n country so perhaps dats a factor


We’re the same with henshaw playing aren’t we?

Rob Kearney was very good. Was that Ringrose’s best game for Ireland? Thought he was really good. Has developed physically, looks a lot stronger now.


Scotland butchered two or three really good opportunities, if not more. In Ireland’s favour is that right now, England don’t look capable of exploiting this.
Peter O’Mahony, after a slow start, has gotten stronger in each game. He usually raises his game that bit more against England.
I wouldn’t be surprised if England dropped Ford and moved the Ireland defence coach’s son to 10.
Ireland currently hold all the aces. They should have a better scrum so long as Furlong remains fit. They should break even in the lineout. Ireland’s back row easily has the measure of England. At 9-10-12, Ireland are as good as anything north of Aukland. Henshaw back… Stockdale on fire…
Where can it go wrong, Joe?


The scoreline certainly flattered us. There were two situation thrown away, where a simple pass would have led to certain tries … but they didn’t manage it, so it’s all ifs and buts.

I never really liked the ford, farrell axis the english have, they go on about the kicking options but kicking is not the main aim of the game anymore and neither farrell or ford are barnstorming or particularly scintillating attacking players. Need to pick one or the other and a proper centre outside him. They just look short of ideas and low on energy - but they’ll be mad to stop us winning a Grand Slam and really we used out get out of jail free card in paris, so the french have improved a bit at home.


If I was Eddie Jones I’d give Danny Cipriani* a go on Saturday. I’d tell him that this is his last chance to start staking a claim for a World Cup spot next year.

*Maybe Cipriani is injured.


We were clinical, Scots not. That’s all to our credit, and Scots didn’t handle the pressure we put them under.


Agree overall but If those passes stick then it’s a lot closer, which is our wide defense again but whatever the system is, we’re obviously gaining in other areas by playing so narrow. We’ve done it for years now. The english will know well where to try and attack, then again the english have their own problems.


England very marginal favourites for the game with most bookies. Fair enough assessment - they are at home and shouldn’t lack motivation.


They are in shocking form though, in reality wales should have beaten them but for a very poor TMO decision. I’d say they’re sick of listening to that gobschite.

The only reason i’d give them a shout is that they’re at home and you’d expect a reaction to the last two, pretty pathetic performances.


… and revenge for last year.


Jones really is a horrible individual. Whatever I may see as wrong with Joe Schmidt, he conducts himself like a gentleman. The polar opposite to Jones.


SChmidt is a gentleman. Jones is the living personification of a Gobschite.


Typical English rugger bugger


ehhhh …


He really bucks the trend of the normally refined, polite and educated Aussie male sporty type …


I was fishing for a stronger reaction that that!




England drop Ford, as expected. They have also dropped Danny Care and brought in the very ordinary Richard Wrigglesworth - his big plus being that he is Farrell’s partner at Saracens. Dylan Hartley back in with Kyle Sinckler also starting. Don’t be surprised to see either of them two carded. Another Saracens pairing of Kruis and Itoje in the 2nd row is probably England’s strongest bit. I really see very little to fear from this England team, to be honest.


The danger is their pack gets the upper hand and they have plenty of pace in the backs to cause us trouble. If they can find their mojo. Jones has done the opposite of Jim Gavin in terms of evolving a winning team on the hoof.