Rugby 2018


Farrell too …


All looking good for us so far .


Yep. French aren’t lying down at all. (Not that you’d expect them to against England anyway


Hard to see them get 4 tries in 40 minutes. Not that type of game. They will have their work cut out just to win. French need to improve discipline and keep it tight.


That’ll do. Penalty try and yellow card all day long


And that’s it. Well done Joe and the boys now to put the English to the sword on Paddys Day :+1:


What in the name of jaysus was Beauxis thinking


Congratulations to Joe and the goys.


Tarquin is going to overdose on the goji berries tonight goys!


Watched Fra Eng delayed there. Awful quality. If we can’t beat Eng next week were at nothing anyway. Hard to see them turn around a penalty count of 16 in a few short days. Te’o dreadful in the centre, glad he’s not Irish!


The dentist told me gritting your teeth is not good for them …


Could he kick it backwards? Because there was very little room to kick it anywhere at all with two opposition players closing in. And if he had turned to kick he may well have been ‘sacked’.

Have to say a big congrats to Ireland and Joe Schmidt, they have won the Champ with a game to spare, with a clinical performance today scoring 4 tries in the process, missing three really important players, and against a team that beat us last year and is very much on the up.

This is the third Champ Ireland have won under JS, in what, five years? That is a great record in itself. It has coincided with France’s worst run since the 70s but two of the titles have been won with England and France games away. And England have been stronger this past few years than they were in the few years prior to JS taking over.

I thought England would come strong later on in this tournament but au contraire they have gone backwards. Even allowing for all the injuries it can’t excuse how poor they have been the last two games. If anything it goes to show that the soft underbelly in the years prior to Jones taking over does in fact still exist, there’s a lack of strength in depth, and Stuart Lancaster can be viewed in a somewhat less critical light. England continue to lack the kind of leaders and talent needed to dominate or to challenge for the WC.

Ireland’s record now in the 6N since it started in terms of games won is now on a par with any nation, we have been in the top 3 consistently. If they can go and do the Slam next week (and it’s still a tall order as England will have alot of pride at stake and will badly want to spoil our party as we have theirs a few times over the years) it will crown a great era.

If Ireland win it will leave the all-time records including stats such as:

Ireland will have beaten England in 11 of the 20 Champ games played since the start of the 6N.
They will be level with Scotland on number of championships and Grand Slams won for all time.
Ireland have won 4 of the last 9 championships.
Our win/loss record since the start of the 6N is around level with England and France, probably better than France now, can’t find the stat yet.


Could have kicked it out to the side of him. Was no need for him to kick it that long


Seems RTE were the problem all along. Against the Head will be great next week. It’s like being in the garden looking in through the window at a cracking party. It must really rile Nugent …

ps watched it on ITV … just can’t watch or listen to Molloy or any of his ick … I mean ilk.


First congrats to have won championship but I think it will feel a bit hollow if we don’t win next week

Our out wide defence is beyond a joke at this stage but we getting away with it coz of luck and / or high scoring ourselves

For all the myth n legend bout JS attention to detail this is hard to understand… going on for years now …


it must be a calculated risk at this stage. The scots were not able to take advantage.

Great to win the championship, i’m not that bothered about the slam, would be nice to win (always good to beat england) but the title is more important.


Ireland will leapfrog England in the new rankings tomorrow. NZ at number 1 with Ireland at 2.


Happy to have been proven wrong to date.

England will be up for Saturday to get revenge for last year.


England looked devoid of ideas v Scotland and France. Almost looked flat or something. Mind you’ve they’ve had a good run. Different proposition in twickers of course.


Jesus Christ…