Rugby 2018


So are we confident today or just a tiny bit nervous?


I’d say confident enough. Mainly because it’s at home. Don’t get nervous about rugby, if we lose it won’t ruin my day.



We should beat them well but no doubt Jóse will Park the Bus.

Sorry wrong thread :sunglasses::wink:


… with Marcus Rashford driving?


Wayne Barnes reffing … I’d sooner have Paddy Neilan …


Lots of silly mistakes so far. Leavy super so far.


Your not wrong :wink:


Had a feeling that exact thing would happen today. Even to the extent of Stockdale scoring the intercept!!


Awful pass


Stockdale having some game !

What do we need today to win the championship ?
I think we can win it today ?


If we get a bonus point win and England don’t we will be champs today.


Earls playing very well too. Scots have butchered a chance or too as well.


He’s not bad, is he?


Thought Scotland where going to be a hard match today ?
And there we have it !


Lovely jubbly. Barring a comeback from the Scots. The English have to get a bonus point win in Paris


The people’s champions in the people’s game!


Job well done, Stockers doesn’t have a very big jumper but he got it up there a couple of times anyway, as did Wingwose. Hope France can give Eng a real game, will help us to have the Champ won going there I feel. 80 mins from immortality anyway.
Rugby is the bloodstream of our nation. Oh Ringaringarosey, as the English decline, we remember Irelands Call in, the rare aul times.


French discipline shocking already …




Hartley has such a punchable face