Rugby 2018


Farrell out for the rest of the season.

And here’s the first indication that Eddie Jones will, in fact, drop Dylan Hartley…


I hope they don’t. Hartley is a pig but Jones deserves him at this stage.


The biggest issue they have is that vinolapola is out. He was a wrecking ball last year.

Apart from his braindead yellow v scotland yerman underhill gives them something the likes of robshaw doesn’t.

For all their so called power, their pack doesn’t dominate in the scrum all that much. just like the french dont. I dont understand what the point in selecting these huge forwards who arent great ball carriers and who they tire really badly, unless the dominate the scrum for you. Better off picking guys who might offer more all round and hold their own in the scrum.


I’d fancy Ireland’s close-in defence against Billy Vunipola. I reckon Bundee, P’O’M and Leavy would read him well enough.


Would be good to watch


It’s no Dutch women’s hockey team but it’d pass an hour and a half.


Anybody else think that Stuart Olding looks a lot like Willie John McBride when he was a young man?


so scotland at the weekend, should be a home win?


Should be Tayto but our lack of execution of procession n out wide defence ( for years now ) I think will cost us in one of the next 2 games

I expect a manic performance from Scotland to try n disrupt our structured approach

Real banana :banana: skin this one

On other hand a bonus point win is not a surprise also


Scots might not perform after such a big one the last day, though the two week break will help them


If the Scottish pack can break even it’ll be close. If we dominate possession like we have been doing, we could get a bonus point and wrap up the title before the last weekend.


I think we need to dominate their pack to win as their backs are on fire and our defence has been poor.


We just need Michael D to go into the dressing room before the game and remind the lads that Scotland didn’t vote for us for RWC2023. Make them pay goys.


I’d say it’ll be won or lost at midfield.


BBC need someone to proofread their articles a bit better. I cannot do a screenshot right now but there’s a table in this article on winning rucks. Ireland has the best percentage, England the wordt but they give the same numbers for both countries (331 from 348).


Et tu Beeko …


I was wondering who would spot my deliberate mistake.


They’ve since corrected the error.
405 rucks won from 412 (ruck numbers based on team in possession when ruck is formed). Ireland way ahead in possession stats based on that information. It’s very worrying that it took so long to put Wales away and that France should really have won against Ireland. Scotland are a huge threat tomorrow if Ireland don’t improve their points per possession ratio.


Ooooh listen to you! Pee pee pee-ing yerself over stats. Oop the jumper lad, barrell over 'em, lamp it high and Ginger McLoughlin will carry their pack over the line, hurrah!


I didn’t know you were a rugby coach al.