Rugby 2018


If we get a BP win against Scotland that’s the championship, yes?


Not yet…
If England got a bonus point win over Ireland and overturned a points difference (currently at 24 in favour of Ireland), then England would win.
If Ireland get a bonus point win over Scotland, a losing bonus point win over England would guarantee the Championship for Ireland.


Possibly, it would depend on England not matching our result. .


Yes, my previous post was assuming England matched Ireland’s result in Round 4.


It makes sense as many players will deliberately knock it on in the tackle otherwise, under the guise of it being a legitimate hit/tackle.

Atleast thats my understanding of it anyway


But what’s the value in ‘knocking it on’? The only real bonus value in hitting the ball during a tackle is to knock it out of your opponent’s grasp. And what’s wrong with that?
My point stands and I’ve yet to see anyone argue against it, you can’t ‘knock on’ when the ball is not in your possession except deliberately batting a pass forward where its clear you weren’t trying to intercept. There should be a rule that you can tackle and if the ball is knocked forward it’s mostly accidental and that shouldn’t be a scrum, IMO.


It’s hard to explain in text. If the rule wasn’t there, you’d have lads disrupting passes under the guise of a tackle. The value would be preventing your opponents flow and preventing scoring situations. It would also lead to possible scoring opportunities to the offending team, a la Lawes on Saturday.

If your query is in relation to that incident or similar, Lawes actually knocks the ball on a micro second before tackling the Scottish lad.

What’s wrong with it is that they have strict rules to allow teams to attack. So it’s stops big mullockers disrupting just that.

Disclaimer: I’m not a rugby referee, so it’s just not understanding or lack of of it.


Good point about leading to scoring opportunities.
The last defender could “attempt” a tackle that is merely one hand on the player, with the other arm flailing wildly in an attempt to disrupt the try-giving pass which would essentially be an intentional knock on, penalty try and yellow card.

It would also disencourage offloads/passes out of contact.


I think the Against The Head panel view here before they go on air…

The TV camera angles can’t give a full picture and Stockdale read this brilliantly, but if Anscombe’s pass had found Halfpenny (inside Stockdale) or the man outside Stockdale, it looks to me like Wales may have had a two-on-one, assuming Kearney was the only man covering behind.


The worrying thing is we’re conceding tries to teams who have bugger all possession. If we meet a team that matches our pack it could get ugly. mind you the pack are in great form.


A 60-40% possession split in Ireland’s favour against England would concern me.


We’ll do well to get that. Mind you england didn’t look too clever v scotland or wales.


If they drop Hartley (as you say), it would be a start for them.

By the way, wins over Scotland and England would see Ireland climb to 2nd in the world rankings.


That should see us in a World Cup Final next year so …


Why not just let refs and video decide if the tackle was a proper one?


Irish rugby fans remain classy.


I think that’s Tipuric inside Stockdale, and Parkes outside him. Stockdale would have had Tipuric covered, and maybe Parkes should the skip pass have gone to him. That leaves Shingler on the wing, who wouldn’t be guaranteed to run it in from >50 metres.
Who knows


Stockdale was fairly isolated. I wonder did he think the only way to stop it was to look for an interception.
Who knows?
We’ll never know. Stockdale got it right. He is a real find.


He certainly is. Willie John McBride is a big fan of his by all accounts. Which should tell you a lot about how good his potential is.


Chris Farrell to miss remainder of 6 Nations. Apparently he damaged knee ligaments in training today. Presumably that opens the door for Ringrose to slot back in.