Rugby 2018


Ah I know and I’m delighted for them … but parading around with an auld tea pot like …


England rode their luck v wales. They looks a bit jaded or something? Mind you this might be the kick up the arse they need.


Joe said he was getting cramps in his leg. Said he’s fine but didn’t want to risk leaving him on given Earls’ style of play


And if there’s nothing more the French love doing if they can’t win the Championship themsleves it’s fucking it up for the English.


Gavin, if Scotland win in Dublin…ahh why bother eh.


He says it in his previous tweet in fairness to him


‘Need to match Ireland’s result’ is a daft way of putting it. Need to win and/or or hope Ireland don’t. Anyway this will go down to the last day, it always does. Though England won’t have it easy in Paris of course. Scotland won’t fear Ireland. If we beat the Scots and Eng lose it will be role reversal against England for the first time I can remember, them trying to stop us doing the Slam with nothing else to play for.


Actually he is right. Because of bonus points they need to match or better our result. If we won with a bonus point and england won without one, then we would be champions (that would leave us 6 points clear with a game to go).


I said this kinda thing waaaay back …


Damn bonus points, spoiling a good rant!
On the subject of ranting about small details, one of the rules I dislike the most in rugger is the likes of that “knocked forward in the tackle”. I thought the point of the ‘forward’ rule is to not allow the team in possession move the ball forward by hand/arm.
So when a player who’s team aren’t in possession carries out a great tackle that not only stops his man/woman, but also knocks the ball (by design or accident) out of their grasp, and the ball happens to go ‘forward’ for the tacklers team, he/they are penalised with a scrum against. How does that make sense?


That happened against Courtney Lawes in England Scotland game. How can you complain about that? :smile:


What about the Millunium Trowfee, loike, roight, yeah?


Rooight. The flippin Millanyone Trowfee loike? Blooooody 'ehhhhhlll, what’s the flippin point aye? Why would ya bother aye? After the fuurst wan was wan, it were aaaall down’ill aaafter that. It peaked in the yeeaar two thouuusand roight


Jamie Heaslip retiring with immediate effect

Great servant to the green jersey and blue jersey over the years


Not a huge surprise but what a player he was. Truly World Class

Thanks Jamie & best of luck in the future :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Best of luck to him.
I thought he was supposed to be on the mend (as in back playing soon)?


There was a newspaper story a couple of weeks ago that he was targeting an April return but seems that it wasn’t to be, unfortunately.

A stellar career when you look at it.

Internationally: 1 Grand Slam, 3 Six Nations, 2 Triple Crowns & a Lions series with a 95 Ireland cap career as well as 5 Lions tests

Leinster: 3 Heino’s, 3 League titles, 1 Euro Challenge Cup and 229 Leinster caps


Yes, for all the possession and territory that Ireland enjoyed, Wales got a far better return from their possession. I would worry about Stuart Hogg’s pace when Ireland play Scotland. I would also worry about England’s pace out wide (if they decide to throw it around). I really think Ireland SHOULD have scored more against both the Welsh and the French. The French took their only chance against Ireland and scored a try. Wales and Italy each scored three tries against Ireland with limited ball.
Scotland were quite good defensively against England. England were ripped to shreds in the first half yet were very good defensively against Wales. Ireland will really need Sexton, Murray and the forwards to be on top against England. Without too much ball, I cannot see Ireland scoring enough against England.


We do seem to be bossing possession but if/when someone breaks even in that respect it’ll be interesting.

Loss to scotland might be the kick england need to drop hartley and robshaw and one paced lads like that.


Ah leave them there, sure they are doing grand :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: