Rugby 2018


Game over now

Great second half performance so far and have really put the Welsh to the sword.


Thank God for the tries .


Gonna go down to the line I reckon .


That should be it !

Or maybe not :grimacing:


Wonderful finish :blush:


if Wales had’ve just run at us more we were there for the taking.


Why did he take Earls off?

If he wasn’t injured then it was an error as he was playing well


Yep as one who regularly has a go at him, have no problem saying hats off today. Farrell too was superb.


C’mon the Sweaties!


Ok thanks, can’t use that outside Ireland.

Mad game but we are like Dublin footballers now getting results. Some great attacking play and terrible defending today


Some try by Huw Jones. English defence worser than ours


Another cracker here , 'mon the Scots


Brain dead from under hill


Takes pressure off the England game now , they can afford to lose it .


Jaysus relax Scotland … you won one game …


I wouldnt write Scotland off yet. They get a result here and theyve Italy last


Definitely , just talking from our point of view .


Great win all the same.


They have a few flyers alright. If we could get a bonus point win England will need bonuses in both their last two games to stop us winning Champo


Yeah but it is England to be fair and it’s their first win in 10 years against them