Rugby 2018


Astonishing how far they’ve fallen. Showed some glimpses of the old attacking game against scotland but seem unable to keep their discipline and tire so badly it’s crazy.


Seemed to have the same issues when they were out after the game …


They’ll be merdered


Jones definitely comes across as one. Obnoxious and boorish whenever he is interviewed, but listening to Stephen Ferris on OTB last night he said that, one on one, he found that he is actually quiet pleasant and spent the night picking his brains about all aspects of rugby with both Ulster and Ireland. Perhaps he just enjoys portraying the ‘big bad wolf’ kind of image.


i suspect he’s doing exactly that.


Stephen Ferris on OTB last night said that Chris Farrell has a lovely wristy pass! Maybe we should get some Tyrone coaches involved in Dublin hurling


See the U20s lost again in a high scoring match.


Can anyone suggest a link to watch the game for those not able to get terrestrial or Sky?


Mobdro ?



Eh, I mean, loive. Thanks anyway.


Yep, its on with about a 60 second delay from live, just have to watch an ad first


In big trouble here and can’t get up to the pace of the game

A lot of handling errors already


Well on top imo - but Sexton has left 8 points behind. Surprised he took 3 there


Lovely stuff bundi !


Johnny Sexton is the New cillian o Connor


Also on ITV if you have the film on app on yer mobile


Sexton has been brilliant from play so far. If he can sort out his kicking we should win.

Some pace for the first try


Some game this !


Pack are bossing this