Rugby 2018


Ah I think Marmion and McGrath are rated quite similarly by Joe at the moment.
James Ryan is nursing a niggle so was unavailable.
Larmour will hopefully get a decent run. I think he probably wants his likely starting backline (for the big games) to try out a few moves tomorrow, before mixing it around.


Hopefully, a bit more entertainment than last week.


There will be tries but it will be a boring enough turkey shoot. While the rugby was dull as ditchwater in france at least it was exciting. People always moan about one sided games in GAA but the rugby crowd love blitzing poor teams.:joy:


BBC 5 Live rugby show yesterday evening were very complimentary (Paul Grayson, especially) of the way Italy attacked and felt they were worthy of one or two more tries against England.
I hope Conor O’Shea gets the Ireland job at some stage (so long as he wants it).


Their problem is, not unlike us in the 90s, when they have a good pack their backs are shite and when they finally find some backs their pack has fallen apart. They’ve found some decent backs now but they’ll struggle to get the ball. Expect a big enough win, or at best, italy will keep within 15 points in a dour one.


Is it just me or does it feel like deja Vue all over again with players in the team called Larmour and Marmion?


Split the rugby team in two - oh wait …


Could the IRB make us do that or would it be Ireland’s call?


OUi, c’est bon!


For once, Ulster wouldn’t say no.


Surely Ulster wouldn’t take orders from the Irish Republican Brotherhood


Antoine Dupont didn’t make the French match day squad for Sunday’s game away to Scotland. His brain hasn’t made it back into his head from his knee in time, I’d say.


Ireland’s MOTM in last night’s U20 international against Italy?
James McCarthy.
Is there no end to this man’s talents?


Close game by the look of it


Shouldn’t have been . Italians were down to 14 men for most of the game


I can’t blame Joe for that, I suppose.


Was that Conor Murray in a lineout?


Good performance so far but it’s looking costly so far with Furlong and Henshaw going off with what looks like serious injuries.

I hope nobody put too much on Leinster winning the Heineken cup


Big losses, both players. That said, Leinster must have the strongest prop selection in club rugby.

Ireland showing Italy no respect (in a good way) by looking to attack from anywhere, everywhere. I wish they’d shown Frame a little less respect last week.

Dan Leavy too easily fended off for that Italy try.


Good win, although it got pretty sloppy at the end. For me Earls was motm, don’t know how they picked Murray. Good to see Carbury’s kicking seems to be coming on nicely. Injuries a bit of a concern however.