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When it’s a KIA …

Love this … :joy::joy::joy:



That was an appalling display by Nigel Owens. How anyone could consider him to be the best referee at this stage is pure stupid. A French player goes off with a leg injury and he called it a HIA? Kearney is taken out in the air and Play On? French number 5 commits foul after foul and no yellow card? At least three foul plays in the 42 phases at the end if the game and no Penalty award to Ireland? Appalling is probably too kind a word.


The HIA is not his fault as he cannot overrule the doctor - and he knew it was a load of b*****! But he was poor other than that. He blew plenty for not rolling away - not in the last 5 though. Kearney was also clearly taken out. And hie the French 5 got no yellow??? Too often Nigel thinks it’s about him …

Big rugby supporters in Omagh … :open_mouth:


We were better off with the french 5 on the pitch. Moron handed us the game.


Is there highlights of this on rte player ?
Thanks to here I missed our most glorious finale since 2009


Thought it was a very mediocre performance considering how ordinary and inexperienced the French were, we so nearly blew it. That last phase was a great effort, especially the drop-goal. The kick-pass was a bit of a mad one. In the past any sort of decent French team would have turned us over on that last attack. We had very little penetration but they didn’t put us under much pressure.

The one pass almost dropped early on in that phase will be looked back on as a defining moment if Ireland go on to lift it and do really well. Should be beating Italy handy of course. Wales looked good but we are warned and it will be at home. Scots surprisingly bad, clearly all the expectation didn’t suit them. I’m sure they’ll improve but again we should have enough to get the win at home.

With England almost certain to win at least 3 of their first 4 games, even with the injuries, it will set up nicely for them to stop us winning the championship/doing the Slam in Twicks.


Perfection . Dean & Charlie would be proud of that .
I never tire of seeing sour pusses on French faces :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kearney wasn’t in the air so was never a foul. If he’s jumping then it’s a foul and possibly a yellow card.

The number 5 could have been done for giving away penalties but would have been harsh As the 3 points were probably justified at being enough.

The HIA wasn’t his call and even he knew it was bullshit.


Indo gave Healy a 7 :roll_eyes:

Take any style win in France but we rode our luck, apart from the try & drop goal it was a dour enough match. Maybe understandable in the conditions but surely we need to go through the phases more often and get more width on our game?

The kicking game baffles me to be honest. Why go to all the trouble of winning a scrum only to kick the ball straight up in the air. Making about 10 yards in horizontal distance? I understand tat the hang time gives you a chance to win the ball, but you had it a minute ago :thinking:

France kept handing possession back to us as well.

#bantheboxkick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there enough flair in a henshaw & aki midfield? Seems very Boshy.


It’s a safety first approach innit. Don’t take risks that might get you caught on the break. But that also indicates that the coach doesn’t think the players are god enough to take risks.


That’s my hunch as well, punt and hope you can win the ball, rather than trusting your backs to make yards. I would have thought fine now and again but we use it a lot. So did the french. Which is why apart from the breakaway try no one looked like scoring a try really.


As @TheParish said, Kearney was not taken out, French player was watching the ball all of the way.
Nigel Owen HAS to go with the Doc’s call on the HIA, no matter how much BS he smells. Brian Moore doing assistant commentator on BBC said there was no way that that was a HIA unless “his brain in his knee”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Kearney gave away the first three points also. He got done for not releasing after being tackled. He ran right into three French players when he should have kicked long.
France were muck, apart from having their homework done on Murray, Stander and PO’M.
Sean O’Brien is a big loss though Dan Leavy did well.
For all of Ireland’s dominance, they never looked like scoring a try. No width or spark. Schmidt has to take responsibilty for this. His luck almost ran out yesterday. He was saved by Sexton’s brilliance. Ireland won in spite of Schmidt’s billigerence and conservatism. Larmour or Zebo (either starting or coming off the bench) could well have been the spark that got Ireland a try or two yesterday. But Joe sticks with his buddies like Kearney and Earls.


Also in the way the whole thing started. Iain Henderson with a running catch off a drop out, reminiscent of Brian Spillane catching on the run from a restart after England had scored.


Schmidt did throw in a coupe of new caps yesterday, is it not a bit harsh to say he won’t try new players. When’s the last time Zebo sparked anything at international level against anything other than a poor side?


Zebo does it regular for Munster.

Schmidt chose Kearney over (insert any name here).
He chose Earls over Zebo or Adam Byrne.
He chose Best over Cronin.
He chose Healey over McGrath.
He chose Ryan in the 2nd row, in fairness.

Italy (2 professional teams), playing the Number 2 ranked team in the world, played with far more enterprise, endeavour and width than Ireland (No. 3 ranked team) played with against France, the number 9 ranked team.


Granted Kearney is a strange one, but his fielding is a plus, given our dour aerial style of play.

Agree on Healy. Past his best if yesterday is anything to go by.

Ryan in the second row was a good call.


Have to say also, that as someone who rates RO’G very highly (as a player), for me, Sexton proved himself as Ireland’s best outhalf in the professional era, if not of all time.


Agreed. He is class. Thankfully his injury problems seem to be behind him. What age is he now?