Rugby 2018


Christ - ye expect us to go to Paris and start throwing the ball around and play into their hands? :roll_eyes: Playing a clever - and correct game.


Ha yea, I demand entertainment! :joy:


Pity that young 10 went off, he looks a prospect.


Kearney and Healy are pure muck and shouldn’t be playing.

We are way too slow and not playing with any width at all


No, just making the point, it doesnt matter who their playing or where, it is very one dimensional and will only get you so far.


Well in control all be it only 6 ahead. Think we’ll up it a gear in second half. That guy on the pa in the stadium at halftime should be shot.


Ridiculous indiscipline from French #5


Can someone explain to me why, the french don’t have the ball for minutes at a time, they finally turn it over and then box kick it back 2 plays later? What’s the point? Surely they need to go through a few phases, instead they trundle really slow ball through the forwards and kick it back?

Ireland must have had 60-70% possession?


Going to get beaten here


Great finish. Some pace.


Kearneys Kick caused the try.

He must have some dirt on Joe to still be in the squad let alone start.




Fucking pathetic - could see it coming a mile away. Sexton missed an easy pen too. Kearney and Earls no business on that pitch.


Unreal finish.

2 savage kicks from Sexton

The one to earls to gain about 15 yards and then the drop kick.

Take a bow


Johnny balls of fucking steel :+1:


unreal dropgoal, so many phases.


C’est Bon. Sexton is some player with cojones the size of the Stade …


Echoes of Kiernans drop goal against England in 1985


Turned it off after seeing the comments here , thanks a bunch ye shower of wanks :laughing::laughing::laughing:


When is a HIA not a HIA??