Rugby 2018


And he got 14/15 right :joy:
He didn’t see the Te’o pick.


U20s well beaten


Pain in the arse TV3 have the 6 Nations. Their sports coverage is fucking awful. Will be Watching on BBC and ITV.


Can’t be any worse than the dinosaurs RTÉ have forced us to endure for years, analysis is usually dire. And Ryle Nugent is the worst commentator I’ve ever heard, total fan-boy puke fest when he’s doing a game.
BBC coverage is usually spot on even with its Engerland bias


Tv3 will find a way


@Vin Tommmmmyy Bowwwwwwwwwe


Like nails on a blackboard


Is TV3 available in HD anywhere ?
I find the picture with the aerial is cat .


Have Leigh Halfpenny as captain of my fantasy 6Nations team but I haven’t a clue how players earn points (apart from scoring).


TV3 apparently doing a quick ad during every scrum.


Scotland are fucking awful today. Huge disappointment


It’d be more interesting than the scrums tbh.


The old November form goes out the window again with Wales, should not be beating Scotland by 20 points with their injury list although someone was saying scotland’s Front row is missing in its entirety, and the backups are unproven.

Long sentence that.


Looks like Scotland’s entire front XV are missing …


Scotland have gone so far backwards. On today’s performance they will be lucky to avoid the wooden spoon. All their attacking play has disappeared. I wonder if they will regret getting rid of Cotter.

They better hope it is a once off poor performance. It’s not like Wales have been particularly great.


Townsend is their manager now isn’t he? He had Glasgow playing good rugby and I thought they had a good autumn, for all that’s worth.


We play an awful dour brand of rugby don’t we. Kick the leather off the ball. :sleeping:

But of pace to France’s play but they make a lot of silly errors.


Snorefest, only 1 team trying to play any bit of rugby


It’s dull but effective


Similar to Tyrone…in Ulster.