Rugby 2018


Must be a dagger in the heart to some of the rugger chaps out that way.


While I agree they are developing GAA players, the old rugby addage also applies as has happened with their junior cup team this year. They blocked two players playing a football match so they could attend a rugby training session. Some very good GAA men from the area went there, Keaney and Durkin with AI medals stand out. Good to hear GAA being promoted but sad to see lads blocked from playing a competitive game so as to train.


Yes, I had a conversation with one who lays the blame for their demise firmly at the feet of the teachers driving GAA.


Sure O’Driscoll played for Ireland before he made his debut for Leinster.


Did he? didn’t know that but he was a bit special. Is this young lad that highly rated?


There are still 4 french teams left in the Champions Cup. Of course only 2 of them were pool winners, and they have plenty of foreigners, but still plenty of frenchmen in there too.
Leinster are basically an Ireland 15, but you could argue it the other way around. Ireland are basically 1 club team with a few extras (pretty much the same story with Wales and Scotland, and maybe Italy). Whereas England and France are the best players across 10+ clubs.

Jones is hugely exaggerating England’s ‘injury crisis’. Vunipola is a big loss, but a lot of the injuries aren’t starters, and they have 13/14 professional clubs to pick from. Worth seeing Conor O’Shea’s answer when he asked about England’s injury crisis - he names their starting 15 without hesitation.

On Rory Best - His lineout is sometimes a worry indeed, but it is still between him and Cronin, as Treacy (even dodgier lineout throws) and Scannell are injured.


I forgot about Scannell and didn’t realise Treacy was injured.
You won’t be seeing Cronin or Best taking on Raymond von Barneveld at the Ally Pally, anytime soon.



That’s exactly my point, Leinster ought to do well in a club competition, that doesn’t mean it will translate to international form necessarily where in theory the standard should go up when the english get their best players on one team.


Vunipola is a huge blow, their best ball carrier by a stretch. His replacement is also out. Just going from their media headlines really but they seem to be down a lot. will take your word for it that they’re not all starters but eddie o’sullivan seemed to think a few more injuries could weaken them considerably.


They’d probably win the BBC one though …


Not great


I went to the odd schools game when I was in school 15ish years ago, and I thought the standard was quite poor (waaaay behind the level schools football and hurling was at). I don’t watch it be see some clips online and watch some of the U20’s game, and certainly the quality has increased exponentially, and the size of the players has increased massively too. A lot of the schools have pretty much professional setups, but still understand why it would be considered a high risk area.


Same here, the bits you see on TV now the standard looks pretty decent. Nephew was at a rugby camp over the summer for 2 weeks and week one was basically weights. Simply did not happen 15-20 years ago.

If you look at rugby gold on tg4 when they show it, the standard at international level was poor enough back in the 80s/90s … mind you the game was more open.


BT Sport/C4… do keep up!!!


The quality of lineout play was much poorer prior to the lifting of players being allowed. It was very scrappy. Conversely, scrums took up far less time than they do nowadays. Far fewer resets.


yea the lineout is a laugh. liked the brown ball.


Easier to hide.
And then France used to play with the fancy Adidas ball. Always looked somewhat exotic.


ha it did yea. they also used to be good, which is a distant memory at this stage.


Game has become more like American ‘football’