Rugby 2018


Would it happen / has it happened with GAA schools though?
Certainly a few of the private schools have a sense of entitlement/elitism than can then spill over into this kinda thing.


Don’t know your age Iomaint, but I can remember similar posh boy incidents back in the 80’s. Not a recent thing.


Club anabel being a pretty extreme example of it


And that was laughed off as high jinks.


That’s one I was thinking of Maxi. And as Beeko said, what was interpreted as high jinks for some would result in an arrest & prosecution for others.


No need to go back to the 80’s, that was in 2000


I don’t think the Anabel’s episode was ever referred to as high jinks, in fairness but definitely some brawls at Schools’ rugby games in Donnybrook were.

I seem to recall a UCD/Trinty rugby game having trouble at it, too and loads of planters were upturned/emptied on O’Connell Bridge and it was laughed off - in comparison to Trinity College hosting the Sigerson Cup one year in the 80’s… the reception later on was held in Trinity Rowing club… lots of lads down from “the North” decided to leave the mark on Trinity Rowing club and that was front page news.


The french have selected a 19 year old at 10, 3 months after his top14 debut … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Saw that…

How old was Jonny Wilkinson when he made his England debut?
He’s not in the England squad now but Harlequins have an 18 year-old flyhalf (Marcus Smith) of whom they are very hopeful. He has played quite a few games for Harlequins.


No harm in playing club rugby at that age, to pitch him straight in v ireland 3 months after his club debut seems crazy. is he tearing it up at club level? Jone’s approach seems much more sensible. yerman in on the extended panel. Mind you france are in desperate need of finding a top class 10.


You last sentence could have stopped short of having the last 6 words added to it and still made a lot of sense.

I don’t see any Top 14 Rugby so I cannot comment as to how good he is playing, or otherwise.


He’s a Bordeaux player, same club Brunel was coaching before taking the French gig. Says it all really. They’ve a uncapped 15 as well. They’re in disarray. Can’t see anything other than an Irish win, our record in Paris notwithstanding.


but but but the population of france makes this impossible! … and the financial doping!

seriously tho, yea, looks like he is building for the future … during the six nations … good luck with that.


On form, and given how Munster and, to a much greater extent, Leinster performed in the Champions’ Cup and with the players available to both sides, Ireland should really be looking at a try bonus point here. That said, it is France away. But I reckon England will be targeting a try bonus point victory when they play France away.


I’d always take the champions cup form with a pinch of salt, Leinster are basically an Ireland 15, the French team as split across a slew of different clubs … But they are a mess yea. Unlike England they don’t seem to be willing and/or able to sort it out.

Wales are decimated with injuries, both fly halves out. As are England. And we have scotland at home. Great chance for a championship win here.


Leinster provide the bulk of the Irish team, as you say - and are strengthened by having one or two Munster and Nordies* thrown in.
I think the French national team would struggle right now in the Champions’ Cup.

*Is it now time to move Rory Best on? His lineout throws are always prone to error. He is a great scrummaging hooker but with one of the world’s best tight heads in the front row, is Best really needed now? Could Ireland go with Sean Cronin (more dynamic than Best now as he is younger - though his throws can be wayward too) or James Treacy?


The english clubs are also stinking the place out but if they got their first choice 15 fit they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in a few weeks. Any more injuries and they could be in trouble. Same goes for us, injuries are key to our chances.


9 or 10 and we’re a lot weaker


Just been on the Schools rugby forum on Boards. There is a real fear that Dublin GAA is doing real damage to playing numbers in traditional rugby schools and not just the middle tier as was put by one poster. Terenure being one getting the most attention.


Terenure have definitely put a lot more emphasis on GAA in the last few years. Fairly sure Philip Wallace (used to play for Wexford and TSS for a spell) is now the vice principal. They have a lovely GAA pitch on the grounds now as well