Rugby 2018


Riots outside Kiely’s after the schools rugby - yaw? Focking disgrace really loike. One goy apparently got a bloodied nose and had to spend 38 seconds in the A&E in Vincent’s Private before he got seen and a bed. Focking joke loike.


Probably all up to their eyeballs on steroids?


Can you imagine the uproar if that was after a gah or soccer match. We’d have a prime time special. Poor Joe Duffy would be inundated.



If that is where schools rugby is at then maybe it’s time to ban the bloody thing.


I blame the teac … no - forget it …


Teachers have little enough to do with it in the big schools. Parents and pro coaches brought in.They’re the problem. Sure the captain’s mammy presents the cup to the winner ffs.


Indeed. I always thought that a bit strange! Every year it happens to be the captain’s mother that presents the Cup. Surely that has to be a fix?!


didnt realise the six nations started this weekend.


…as if this time of year isn’t depressing enough!


Is he suggesting it for the players or the supporters?


It’ll be for forums next …


After you.


Trying out the Fantasy 6 Nations in work. I’ll be awake most nights deliberating my selections.


They need to get the posh boys to sort out their drinking first of all. Michael’s and Terenure showed each other how tough they were, outside Kiely’s on Monday night. If it was two GAA schools, it’d be on six one.


Excellent interview with referee Nigel Owens on the Tommy Tiernan show just now. Nigel speaking in great detail about coming out, depression and his battles with bulimia (still ongoing).


Yea, was powerful stuff. Yerman the rubber bandit on beforehand was good as well.


Four men arrested at a schools game today between Bray and Newbridge

Worse than soccer fans.


How can we possibly hope to compete with France? A country with a huge population and so much money, so unfair they’re at home as well … maybe they should be split in two? Think of all those poor french players who don’t get to play international rugby.


Ulster and Les Kiss part ways. Something really rotten going on there, he’s the scape goat it looks like.

Fantastic coach. Made a massive contribution in his time here, most notably in 09’. He’ll not be short of offers of employment. Probably end up in England or France if he doesn’t head back to Oz. Similar to Farrell Snr. he made his name in Rugby League. Both excellent defence coaches, not hard to see why I suppose.

Johnno Gibbes now the main man in Ulster. The words poisoned chalice come to mind. Though if anyone has the brains and balls to turn it round there it might be him.