Rugby 2018


Hard to understand the logic if there is some alright. If Zebo has been deemed un-available for selection, because he’ll be “overseas” next season then by the same rational, shouldn’t Bierne be deemed available? Beceuse if It’s a case of you have to be playing in Ireland then Zebo would be available until the end of season.

That said would good as he is, would he get into a row in ahead of the likes of Toner, O’Mahony, Henderson & James Ryan? Only Joe knows the answer to that.


He is quite young but there is a huge amount to be gained for having him the squad for a few of the training sessions.


England could be there for the taking


I’d fancy England’s third or fourth string to take Italy - even in Rome.


They’ll take italy but if they lose any more then might not be in the best shape for the rest of the competition.

All the injured aren’t first choice by any means but it all effects their strength and depth which is one of their strengths over an attritional competition.


Anyone on here play Club rugby?

If so, who do you play for? What position, what level etc?



Joe Schmidt confirms Zebo not selected due to poor form. Could be gamesmanship in response to Zebo burning his bridges in a media article a couple of weeks back.


He also explained his reasoning for not having Beirne in the squad, which is fair enough. Sounds like he will be in in a couple of the camps though.


Played 2nd center a long time ago.


I have a friend who played rugby.


I hung around with a hooker a few times.


How much?


Probably often!


What did he say re Beirne? Too young?


The Leinster V Saracens Quarter Final has been confirmed for Sunday, 1st April at 3.30pm in the Aviva Stadium… if I remember rightly, I think it might be clashing with a certain Allianz Footbal League Final …

Balls to that anyway!




Easter Sunday too …


Quarter final quarter schminal




Anyone watch the Richie McCaw doc. Half way through it . Some lovely footage of games , the slow mo variety & insight into him .