Rugby 2018


I said Steenson isn’t a better calibre of player than Sexton, Murray, or Furlong. You dismissively said you disagreed with all of my post. Excuse me if I presumed you meant that part of it.

I already apologised for using the words ‘pull up’. I hadn’t intended for it to come out like that. Surely you’re atleast able to accept an apology and move on?

You seem not adult enough to have a discussion without losing the head, just when someone says the wrong thing, in your eyes. For that reason, I’m out.


I’ve twice highlighted where you mis-quoted me. If you can’t read that you’re incapable of debate.
I’m not losing the head. I just think you’re a jumped-up little (insert appropriate word here).


We seem to struggle to win two big games in a row, do we have to put too much effort into beat France & oz and then struggle to get up for the next big one, injuries to a small enough pool of players obviously doesn’t help either.


Hahaha you’re right contrary of a Saturday morning.

I’ve proved numerous times I didn’t misquote you on the first instance. You’re exceptionally headstrong, I can understand why you won’t admit it

Listen I’m not the worst. Adieu.


You misquoted me twice. I’ve shown where. Do you want me to highlight your posts where you did so?

I’m sure you’re not the worst, but keep trying.

Bottom line, I don’t like being mis-quoted so stop trying to make a mug out of me by doing so.



Ah, a mug.




Come on goys fer focks sake


To take this thread completely off topic … great win by Leinster today … and Connacht.


… and Leinster rested a few players, too.
Saracens possibly the only English team to qualify.
Group 5 a bit of a joke. 3 teams each winning four games and separated only by bonus points. An Italian club finishing bottom in the group (winless) almost certainly guarantees the second-placed team in that group a quarter-final spot.
When working out the three best placed runners-up, they should discard the scores from games involving the bottom team in each group. They should really use the same criteria when seeding the 5 group winners for the quarter finals, also.


That sounds like an unnecessarily complicated way of doing things :grin:
The guaranteed Italian side in the tournament is ridiculous and good that they’ve finally seen sense and removed it for next year.
I think Saracens could still be pipped? Hope though do. Most unlikeable team, even moreso than Toulon


No Italian team next year? Didn’t realise that. It eliminates the anomaly, though.

In fairness, UEFA discard results against bottom placed teams when deciding the best second placed teams. It’s not too difficult.
The most sensible option would be to reduce it to a 16 team tournament.


Munster game to kick off at 4. Pitch looks fairly bad obviously. Castres have no hope anyway, even in a mudbath. Handicap is minus 23, says it all really.


Looks like Ulster are going out. Wasps could yet make last 8 and maybe in 8th spot


Leinsters award for winning all games will be to play Saracans , albeit at home. Tough game


Yeah not the reward they would’ve be hoping for.


Munster need another couple of tries or they’re on the road. Bonus point will see them home to La Rochelle I think. None will see them go to Scarlets I make it.


I think a win is all they need


Yeah my bad - La Rochelle will be worst winner as it stands.