Rugby 2018


Yea, I heard RTÉ say he was born in South Africa, must have moved here when he was 3, he know a the national anthem and everything


O’Mahony imperious again today.


On about €500,000 a year now


The English Prem teams look tired. Probably from having so many big games and not taking the European Cup seriously.


2 wins from 14 for the English sides over the past two weekends :rofl:
Although that was against Toulon and La Rochelle.


No one said they don’t take it seriously. Just that it is not their absolute priority. But then subtle points are lost in online debate. :face_vomiting:


Subtle and rugby should never be mentioned in the same sentence! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There was some debate a few weeks back about the possibility of some English Premier League games being played on Christmas Eve and that it would be unfair on supporters trying to make their way to and from these games. The EPL re-fixed the proposed Sunday games to Friday and Saturday nights instead. Yet, in the Aviva Premiership, Leicester are at home to Saracens on Christmas Eve afternoon and not a whisper about it. It seems rugby gets a less harder time in other countries apart from Ireland.


It’s odd okay having a game on Christmas eve, but at least it is in the afternoon. The football game was going to be fixed for the evening, which would have left it very tight for the supporters to make the last train to Liverpool after the game. Plus it’s almost twice as long a car journey to Liverpool as it is to Leicester.


It was a proposed 4pm kick-off, but I get your point.


Irish rugby will always overate itself based on European champions league and autumn friendlies… reality is we rarely deliver that “ media “ dominance to either 6 nations or World Cup …

Yes we are seriously competitive in 6 nations but we no way we will dominate English n French teams in international rugby as we do in de minor game and we are still the Mayo of world cups although that’s probably not fair on Mayo …


You were going so well till you mentioned the french :yum:


YeAh fair enuf tayto :rofl:


Got cited for it as well (always likely to happen). Up before a independent Disciplinary Committee for a hearing which will take place in London tomorrow. Could get anywhere between 3-6 weeks … which could rule him out of the next set of European matches.


With the English complaining about their players being over-worked (for which they only have themselves to blame) here’s an interesting breakdown of minutes played for the packs in the Leinster - Exeter game:

Healy 573 Moon 578
Cronin 573 Hypen-Dickie 192
Furlong 601 Francis 595
Toner 849 Lees 977
Fardy 736 Skinner 455
SOB 417 Armand 1103
VDF 638 Kvesic 427
Conan 849 Simmonds 759

And had Ruddock now been injured the week before, he would have been up against Armand (with closer minutes) and SOB against Kvesic.


is the a very selective data group or reflective of the general trend across all the panels and all the clubs involved?


No idea. Saw it posted in a Leinster forum, so just had the stats for that match.
Maybe over the xmas break I can have a look at the Ulster and Munster games


I don’t know which is a worse name, Cowen-Dickie or Hypen-Dickie.


They’re losing some number of players to injury anyhoo


Since 2000, France usually win the post-Lions tour 6 Nations (with Ireland winning one).
There has been talk about the players on Lions tour being overworked, and apparently Eddie Jones has also said pretty much the same about the November internationals.