Rugby 2018


That’s what I thought initially - health and safety, spectator access, etc… But the pitch was covered in snow…


Possibly. I wouldnt use the erc as a form guide for internationals. The English clubs often prioritize their domestic competition. Even donnacha o Callaghan said as much the other week. He didn’t like saying it either. More importantly the English are picking up a few injuries, itoje looks like missing the start of the 6 nations, also Nathan Hughes.


If it came to it they’d clear the snow handy enough I’d imagine, but it was never going ahead with access etc…


Agree with Francis on this


Exeter were 100% going for that this evening


I’m sure they were but they don’t gear their whole season around it. Unlike the provinces, who rest players weeks in advance in the build up to these games in mind. Also per team the Irish provinces have a lot more Irish internationals then the English clubs. Exeter have how many England players? Nowel and … ? Leinster have 20+ Irish internationals. Reslly we’d want To be beating them.


Nearly all of them are internationals


We’re talking Ireland v England tho, how many of their players would be involved?


A lot aren’t English tbh. Not sure it’s a fair indicator either given player numbers in both countries. Exeter are Prem Champions, are 8 points ahead this season, were unbeaten at home for a full year, were on a 9 win streak and had a full strength team out.

Great performance by Leinster.


Ah yea, great win for sure. Exeter are a very good team. I was talking purely about taking these results as a barometer of international form.


Going ahead today, apparently - behind closed doors.


Exeter’s Number 8 (Thomas Waldron) has a great record in the Aviva Premiership for scoring tries, making hards yards from 5 or 6 out, getting over the line… Almost every time he got the ball yesterday he was forced back.
Leicester started with all guns blazing against Munster - they were up for it, too. But they were soon overrun by Munster.


To a point. But why isn’t he on a central contract? Why is Tadgh Furlong not on a central contract? Why are Jamie Heaslip, Tommy Bowe, Keith Earls and Rob Kearney (all well past their best) on central contracts?


Of course Any English team will be up for it when they take to the field (the French not so sure), that’s not my point. I’m not suggesting they aren’t bothered. My point is that they don’t tailor their season/training/rest days around the erc to the detriment of their domestic competition like the provinces do. It is not their priority, unlike the provinces who very much gear their season to Europe. It’s undoubtedly gives us an edge.


If Stander leaves for a French club, is he still eligible to play for Ireland?


I’d assume so but would probably not be considered.


Apparently, now, fans will be allowed attend.


Seems like a total clusterfuck!!


You reap what you sow.


Still eligible, whether he’d be picked is another thing. Some farce though. probably just a ploy to milk the irfu for a few more quid. If not no doubt he’ll be kissing the badge of his French home soon enough.