Rugby 2018


If you watched some of the NRL games I’d say you warm to it. It’s very entertaining full of offloads and quality attacking play. I couldn’t watch the Superleague myself.


France selected to host 2023 WC. Common sense prevails ridiculous that SA were ranked ahead of them


The fact they’ve changed it to five shows that the rugby powers know it’s being abused by the nations.


None of the Scots, Welsh and Italy voted for us … Celtic cousins me hole … :open_mouth:


Have they shown where the votes went?


The changed it to 5?


From 2019 @Tayto


They have … but not who sent them there …




so one talking about the yuuuuuge match tomorrow against fiji?


If you are Alan Quinlan, uuuge is the word!


Quinlan is shite. Doing well for himself though. Has plenty of work on the go and very little to input.


You’ve seen him in the showers. have you?


No Beeko. I simply meant that he says the word huge without using a h. Glad we’ve cleared that up!!:rofl:


Engerland smashed oz 30-6


Normally I’d cheer for the Sweaty Socks but after this week I hope the Blacks hammer the sh1te out of them …


A performance that is a little bit all over the place at the moment. Kind of what you would expect given all the changes. The try before half time should give Fiji a shot in the arm, they were starting to look a bit tired in defence.


I wouldn’t have Rob Kearney in the team - never mind Dave. Expect us to push on in last 20 bit some lads not up to this …


Andrew Conway talks exactly like Can o Sullivan and says same stuff - definitely their school!


Watched Scotland v nz because assumed we’d steamroll Fiji :fiji: What happened?