Rugby 2018


How ironic. All words that could be used to describe himself


Well the players im referring to class themselves as citizens of northern Ireland. I doubt many of the tyrone football team do likewise. I was being pedantic to attempt to highlight some of the double standards being applied to what some people classify as Irish, or Irish enough to represent a nation in international sport.


Holding an irish passport would be a fair place to start?

Really dont get this, its fine to have south africans and kiwis playing rugby for the irish national rugby team. But not too many of them? where is the cut off again. Colm O’Rourke would be very upset about all those poor players in ireland who can;t get a game.


Which lads like Rory Best don’t have


he can get one - if he wants it. :joy:


The nation is Ireland. Rep of Ireland + Northern Ireland.


Exactly. It’s beyond convaluted.


Gold star number one of the week goes to…


It’s not my responsibility to make you understand. Both arguments are out there and are valid. I won’t apologise any further. Personally I’d only allow 3. But they’re not IRB rules.

O Rourke is of no interest to me. Same with his opinions.

Enjoy the football tomorrow with all the lads with Irish passports. I’ll be at it cheering them on.


He wails and walls but sometimes he is right. The notion that you can ‘qualify’ to play for a country by dint of living there for three years - not even taking citizenship, mind - is ludicrous. Come to a country, for money, then get to play for the international team. It puts our Charlton-era shenanigans in the ha’penny place.

Even the soccer lads wouldn’t go for that. Imagine an English national team based on that criteria? Our Spanish. It’s a joke, and surely it’s damaging to Irish players who miss out at both club and then international level.


So you thought the granny rule wasnt so bad? A player with third gen relation who doesn’t live nor work in the country that they qualify for? Leaving home far far away and making a new life in the place you can play for after 3 years is much harder than lads who ‘just qualify by birth or family’


If blokes from Cork and Limerick can play for Ireland then all propriety is out the window.


The 3 year residency rule is a joke but it’s nothing in comparison to the rugby league. If not selected for their country a player is free to play for any “second tier” nation (i.e. anyone but Oz, NZ & Eng) that they choose to declare for. As a result you’ve the likes of Tonga who could possibly go on and win the tournament despite being flooded with lads that have absolutely no connection with the country.


I thought it was a joke, but there is no comparison between two countries with our history of migration and lads playing here for three years, for money.

Anyhow, I really don’t care that much about it to be going on about it.


Both arguments are out there, true enough but It makes no sense to say you’re good with it on one hand and to then say it should be limited to s maximum of 3. Either they should be allowed play for Ireland or they shouldn’t.

I’ll leave it at that also. Until the next mercenary declares his passion for Ireland after being here a wet week, then i’ll piss and moan about it again.


Maybe I wasn’t pacific enough :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t want a cap on how many are eligible after serving required residency. But in terms of selecting the team if there was a way of capping it to say 3, I think that would be fair. Totally hypothetical and unrealistic obviously.


Agree, but on a point of order, it’s living for 3 years, then beyond if they are playing for the international team.


If you think that’s a joke, check out their World Cup. Teams that finish third in the first two groups qualify for the quarter finals, whereas teams who finish second on the three-team groups don’t. Ireland won two games and lost one, finished second but are eliminated. Samoa finished third in their group, losing two games and drawing their other game. The, however, go through.


Yeah, I knew that alright. It’s a very strange format. The top 4 teams in the competition were in those 4 team groups but it still makes very little sense. The Australian public aren’t buying into the competition and attendances are very poor. That probably shouldn’t come as a surprise though when you look at what they’ve done with it. I’d much rather watch the NRL myself.


it’s a strange sport all round. hard to warm to.