Rugby 2018


The reason I ask is because 300 into 15 don’t go, quotas or no quotas. The problem they have is European rugby is flush full of cash.


Some great Fijian tries against Argentina today in Twickers, also.


Ian McKinley kicked the match winning penalty for Italy today on his debut, whatever about imports playing for different countries its some story. Fair fucks!!


I believe the Italians are going mad about having a Paddy playing for them. Not happy at all.


No one mentioning the jews.


Absolutely agree. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that there have been spoken, and unspoken pressures to pick non-white players, culminating in a 50% target for next world cup, which are a unique reason to leave, that don’t exist in other rugby nations. They can’t even keep top players. The best 15 outside SA would literally hammer the team that played against us yesterday. You’re right about money too. They’d hardly be leaving if the game was still amateur. It is a joke to give them the world cup.


They’re only hosting it. They’ll still have to win to get the World Cup.


France have the reverse of the problem.clubs are loaded and have imported too many players.


How did the Irish rugby league team get on v Wales?


Can he even speak Italian?


Won 34-6


Are any of them Irish? :joy:


The Samoan guy was here for a fortnight at the Gaeltacht.


The English lads are.
Harsh on them losing out, won 2 games out of 3, and a scoring difference of +44. Samoa went through having drawn one game, against a woeful Scottish team, lost two, and a scoring difference of -44. Should have been only two teams go through from the groups of 4, and then best two of the third-place teams and the second placed teams from the groups of 3.


Okay so he must be there 3 years so presumably he can order his dinner & a glass of Pinot Grigio as Italian, and it is a great story in so far as playing through adversity … but he is an Irish man playing for Italy, which is kinda my point.


The whole concept of people playing for their country is long dead to me. I just try to enjoy it for what it is. We are well down the road of International sport and the likes of the EPL being no different.


What do you mean by they are citizens of a different country? Would you say the same about the Tyrone football team?


Jamie Heaslip isn’t properly Irish according to Spewan becuse he was born in Israel while his old man was on duty there with the UN. :roll_eyes:


The Spewster is like the Wailing Wall at this stage.


He went mad on twitter over the weekend (surprised?), calling some guy (who was tweeting very level headedly about the potential benefit of a world cup in Ireland) “an utter c*nt”, “entitled *rsehole” and a “massive *rsehole”.