Rugby 2018


WJ McBride was a great Irishman


South Africa is shocking.


Rob Kearney … why?


Kick it high and hope for a mistake, great stuff, another 90 minutes of the same style dross to follow.

South Africa are terrible, they reallycould do with pienar, stander and that South African who is pretending to be Scottish. What a pity professional sport has asset stripped them to this degree.


Don’t forget they have a target of 50% black players by the next World Cup, so a lot of white rugby players are leaving because they know they won’t be picked for the SA team because of the quota requirements.


Ridiculous stuff. That’s the worst SA performance I think I have ever seen.


Took some good scores at the end to be fair.


Stockdale was very good. The RWC in Sth Africa is gonna be great … the crowd in Ballyboughal today will dwarf some of the attendances there …


They would struggle in the 6 nation’s


Not professional sport Tayto. Rules about playing a percentage of black players are killing them.


I think that’s why they want to give SA the World Cup - they are shambolic at the moment but rugby needs them to do being doing well

I’d still put money on them doing better than us in next World Cup


Combination of the two, cj stander should have been playing for them tonight. 300 players playing outside SA makes it almost impossible.


Rassie turned munster around almost instantaneously. Has his work cut out big time now that he’s going back to that.

Apparently they had been saying they were going to run over us, bizarre tactic as our players looked bigger, stronger and in better condition.


And the quota is a huge part of the reason the 300 players have left…and that’s not going to stop any time soon…


I would argue money has a bigger part to play in the exodus.


He was told he was too small to be a springbok.


Why is this happening more to S.A. than any other rugby nation? Why is it happening only since quotas came in?


Heard that, but if SA club offered him the same cash as munster did, he could well have stayed where he was. He was targeted as a project players by the irfu


Is it? When did quotas come in?


Ah yeah. I don’t doubt that. :+1: