Rugby 2018


I know you did. So at what point do you draw the line 50/50 Irish to mercenary split? Surely you either agree with it in principle or you don’t?

The whole notion that a top 5 country can hire/import players with the sole purpose of exploiting the residency rule to make them Irish internationals is just beyond me. Money corrupts sport.


He might even go to the trouble of learning the words to the anthem and everyone will think he’s great.


Watch the cheer that goes up when he appears on the big screens.

I’m with Ewan McKenna on this.

And Tayto, the fascist.


If Ibrahim Halawa cannot get his game for the Irish rugby team, then the whole venture is racist. We should also be giving a run to Johnny Connors, one or two gay lads , a Roma nomad and someone homeless. Only then will our team be fully inclusive!!


Don’t forget to include a Dublin hurling fan …


They’re very inclusive, as are all hurling fans I suppose.


Best of luck to Bundee Aki on his debut. I’m sure he will do us proud. #COYBIB


Coybib? Really?


Ballsbridge …


Correct…The home team (can’t call them Irish) playing the Boks are wearing blue!!!


Those jerseys are grey.


Really? Look navy on tv here in bar … or maybe it’s the drink :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Bundee off to a flyer! He’s well up for this -C’mon the Irish ,…


Ghoys doing well ATM , Sexton unlucky with the conversion , tough angle .14 zip


Considering the only time we seem to wear our second jersey is when we play South Africa they could have picked a different colour. I’m regularly confusing the two sets of players here, especially on the wide camera angles.


What’s the reasoning behind this :sweat:


That Stander lad is alright


Me too. I keep thinking Bundee Aki isn’t Irish.


No idea, but I think our home kit would nearly stand out better.

I can’t think of any other team we play that requires us to change our kit.


The quota rules are killing South African rugby. If lads are not good enough, they should not be picked. That was an appalling missed try.