Rugby 2018


Oh there will be … but for South Africa! :sunglasses:




After 3 years? My arse. I’m in cork 10 years nearly and i’m no feckin cork-man. This notion of fluid nationality after such a short spell (coindidentally also being good career move) is a farce. I don’t care who else is doing it, it undermines the whole notion of international sport.

Rte news even described cj stander as ‘South Africa born’ last year. Yea, born and bred lads ffs. He is South African:

I don’t buy that rog was born in America that makes him American argument either.


Ah seriously it is very apparent. You have some of the classic Cork traits … I don’t even blame you for your insularity anymore. It’s that well known first cousin of the Stockholm Syndrome - Fermoy Fever - where people living in a place for a number of years and trying desperately not to assimilate end up more native than the natives themselves …




3 years certainly is a bit too convenient, and adjusting the rules to 5 years is one way of addressing it.

I never used the argument of copying what every other nation is doing. The way some people here go on though is gas. If they had there way we’ll soon need to DNA test every athlete to see just how Irish they are. (I vote anyone with Norman blood out btw).

Nationality and it’s identity is beyond convaluted at this stage. The amount of double standards is hilarious.


I’m Irish and so’s my wife!


They should at least be made give up their old nationality in order to become Irish citizens, or is that asking too much before playing for Ireland?


Then you have this bollocks

I have just as much of an issue with an Irish man playing for Italy. Nationality is not a choice. It goes deeper then that.


No in fairness it probably isn’t… Although passport and it’s ownership is an even more contentious issue.

Jacob Stockdale, Henderson, Best, Farrell etc all travel on British passports. And are citizens of a different country also.

In fairness to Aki, Payne, and Stander, none of them could be classed as mercenaries. They’re international class players and I’d rather have them in my side than face them.

As I said in a previous post it’s a fantastic connect to our immigrant population. All working and raising families here and contributing massively to Irish culture. Not to mention sporting value they add to their respective provinces and now national team.

As I said earlier as well it’s sport. The definition of which is fun. They haven’t harmed anyone. The rules are the rules also and both they and the players themselves deserve the respect they are owed.

Back to my original point. Mckenna is a deeply disturbed man. I’d love to know his real agenda for railing against this.


Some gaa heads have an inherent hatred of all things rugby . A major generalisation but a point none the less .


It is international sport, the whole point of which is teams of players from nation a playing against players from nation b. If you add players from everywhere else (to improve their earnings) it detracts from the whole thing.

Put it like this, do you think it is okay for us to poach 15 South Africans to play for Ireland? How long till we field a team with a minority of Irish players starting? Is that acceptable?

Money really messed up sport. Sone say pay for play in the GAA? No thanks!


Not unloike some of the goys hate the bogball & stick fighting


Depends how you define “from”. The athletics, soccer and rugby gangs have a more relaxed approach.


The usual guff about showing how progressive or somehow mature we are, in this case that we’re ‘inclusive’.

Irish Times-type liberalism eating itself.

He came to Ireland to play rugby for money. Period.


Careful now, that sounds like Brexit talk.

Are you a fascist?


I assume he is railing against the willingness to do and allow anything in order to be competitive and/ or win.


Absolutely, but I wasn’t on the pedestal supporting homeliness!!!


if you had read my posts you would see that I specifically said it would be an issue if there was 15 non ‘Irish’ starting !!!

Look I’ve said enough I feel. I realise we have different opinions on it. I’m content with mine. Im sorry I don’t feel as strongly about it as you.

I’ve backed Aki for man of the match at 7/1. Not confident but sure it’s only a bit of fun.


I wish it were that simple. Only Ewan’s shrink knows the real answer I feel.