Rugby 2018


For what died the sons of Roisin. Was it fame? Was it cheap caps in rugby?

NO!, it wasn’t, I assume.

As you were.


didn’t he grown up in New Zealand dreaming of playing for Ireland. No? Thought not.


Ewan McKenna (typing his name is making me ill) was on newstalk earlier complaining about Aki. Says he wouldn’t celebrate if Aki scores the winning try for Ireland in a world cup final! Various other ramblings and complaints about international sport and it’s failings due to people not representing the country of their birth. I feel he’s a very angry man. It’s sport for god sake. A bit of fun/craic for the most part. He’s trying to make more of a name for himself by being as confrontational and outspoken. He just comes off as a bitter clown in my opinion.


Never mind that he’s right on this issue. Rugby in particular has made
representing one’s country a complete joke.


There’s no right or wrong on the issue, merely opinions. He’s saber rattling to draw attention. It’s sport at the end of the day. If a guy is eligible he’s eligible.


Athletics has been far worse for years. How can a fool who obviously can’t stand his country get so exercised about a sport he doesn’t even like. Attention seeker and troubled man.


Eligible yes. Irish, no.


Starting tomorrow, yes.


Playing for Ireland. Not Irish.


If only your GAA club had the same morals… Ducks for cover :rofl:


never said he was mate. Did I?

Personally I think it’s brilliant. The definition of nationality is beyond convoluted at this stage. And why should representing a country be solely the reserve of those born or reared here? Aki is living and working here for years. He’s done far more good for our nation than many of it’s citizens. It’s great we have such a variety in our squad. Between Irish Catholic, Ulster protestant, and a few foreigners. Multi culturalism is the second best thing to happen Dublin after the 3 in a row. It’s great it’s replicated it our national teams.



Don’t be spouting your cosmopolitan, multicultural tolerance here …



Free love on the free love freeway!


No problem with multi cultural society etc. but international sport is supposed to be, you know, about where you’re from. Not where you happen to live for a couple of years.


Ahem. You’ve a few yourselves not from the fine parish of Ballymun, ahem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But sure we’ve been tearing the arse out of this since the 80s in soccer. Nobody cared where Aldo or Houghton came from. Rich Arab states and Scandinavians too have been ‘buying’ African athletes for years, It is what it is. The whole concept of nationality in sport is diluted with every passing year, Maybe it would be nice to still have those Utopian concepts of our youth - dreaming of playing for Ireland etc. But hell now we can grow up dreaming of playing for Italy …or Georgia … or Nepal … the world is our lobster. It’s a bit ironic that it is most obvious in rugby - a sport where a large proportion of our teams down the years didn’t recognise the anthem or the tricolour anyway …


The soccer team at least used to get slagged for it, and while big cas had little or no connection at least the granny rule means they have some connection. Aki might never have set foot in the country if he hadn’t been hired to play rugby here. Stander the same. Payne. Etc. it’s a load of shite.


Sure England have been doing it for years - at multiple sports. And New Zealand, and the French and many others … taking from their ‘colonies’. Ronan O’Gara was born in the USA, a good song title, Jamie Heaslip was born in Israel … how tight you want it?

Once we picked Australian Johnny Logan to represent us at Eurovision there was no turning back,


I disagree. We have multiples of thousands of immigrants working and living here. Many of them describe an almost equal love and connection to Ireland as they do to the country of their birth. I find it great they are bring represented by certain sports stars albeit inadvertently. International sport is mostly pantomime anyway, so I don’t think people should take it as seriously as they do. Obviously if there were 15 non Irish born starting there would be serious issues.