Rugby 2018


True, he’s still a brilliant player. I suppose I’m comparing him to his peak, the Heino Final against Northamptom. In some ways he became a better all-round player since then.


Public admission Beeko - to say I’m not a fan of ROG would be the understatement of all time! That said, he is one of the best rugby analysts out there and clearly has a brilliant rugby brain. I do think Sexton is peerless and I agree with Bart that it’s only when Sexton and Murray are gone, that we will realise what we had. We’ll do well to replace either.




A stitch in time saves nine?

(…not sure how you play this game)


A bird in the hand is safe from the cat …


Ireland’s bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup looks dead in the water after World Rugby release recommendation
Fooked over looks like


… unless Denis O’Brien can get a few brown envelopes and needs a way to dispose of some dirty, hard currency before the “secret” ballot.

2023 could be the last chance for South Africa to host such a tournament. The country, apparently, is on a slippery slope into anarchy on top of the corruption that is already rife. I reckon it’s another Zimbabwe waiting to happen. 2023 could well be too late.


Bad news for the GAA. There goes a lot of stadium infrastructure investment …


Last in most criteria! :open_mouth:


I heard the shenanigans in Ballyragget was the final nail in the coffin for the bid.

At least we got to host the Women’s. They can never take that from us …


Frank Murphy won’t be happy :rofl::rofl:


Find it bizarre that us aside that SA was apparently ranked ahead of France in terms of infrastructure


Funny enough quietly the highest echelons of the Gaa will be happy enough


SAfrica is fooked. But money talks. The fat cat always gets the cream.


I suspect you are correct there.( Lone Ranger)


I dunno lads … not easy to wave goodbye to the lasting legacy of a few decent stadia.


Ah South Africa. The world capital of rape and murder. A smidgin democratic but dysfunctional and utterly fcuked at rugby. The few big stadia swung it? I wonder…




Bundee Aki named on a Irish team. I wonder has he learned the anthem :slight_smile:


Irelands Call?

It’s not hard.