Rugby 2018


He steered a lions team in New Zealand . In the top 3 of fly halves in the world


Understatement of the week!


True but was well protected for a good part of it, and didn’t play for a good bit of it too


Name two fly halves better then him
Like I Driscoll and O Connell these guys get no appreciation until they retire
You won’t see the likes of Murray and sexton again in your lifetime
2019 is the last chance for Ireland to make a World Cup semi final


So Munster were world beater are scrummaging? No, they weren’t.
They were sh*t at lineout play and mauling? No they weren’t.
The likes of Chabal never picked off the base of a scrum and had a clean run at O’Gara? Yes they did, on many occasions.
O’Gara isn’t much smaller than Sexton? Yes he is. By how much? That’s open to debate and is relative.

Go and watch some videos and then come back to me.


I’ll agree with you on this.


Who beat up Munster in the scrum? Anyone who knows their rugby knows that O Gara was soft and known to be. I don’t really mind if you don’t agree. As for size, Ronan O Gara is 1.83 metres tall. Sexton is 1.89. So you are wrong. Sexton is not MUCH taller. Chabal never got to run at O Gara because O Gara was protected by the pack as he needed to be, which is the whole point!


So you haven’t watched any videos?

Leicester in the 2003* final for starters. Any team that Munster played whereby Roman Poitre was refereeing generally beat up the Munster pack at scrums.
Look at the video posted earlier. It’s O’Gara trying (with not too much success) to tackle and getting run over. This happened quite a few times. I saw O’Gara miss quite a lot of tackles in his career but it wasn’t for the want of trying. As for being soft, he was mentally very, very tough. His goal-kicking later in his career is testament to that.
As for being 6cm shorter, ask your Mrs about the difference 6cm can make. It’s not all about height, either. Anyone who knows their rugby would know that (and I said Sexton was much taller, anyway).

You claimed everything in my post earlier was wrong. You have tried (just now) unsuccessfully to refute TWO aspects of it. What about the other points, if everything was wrong?
The only thing you have proven is your clear dislike for O’Gara, probably on the basis of him being either from Cork, ginger or having played for Munster (or a combination of all). The truth is, however, that he was an integral part of a team that won two Heineken Cups and a national team that won a Grand Slam. Did he have his shortcomings? Yes, he did. But he more than made up for them with what he did have to offer.

*2002 final, before I am accused of misinformation. Had to google that, didn’t google anything else to support my points.


Sure that Leicester pack hammered everyone! You made the point yourself about that particular referee! And as for being soft, he was. I’m just telling the truth! Sexton is just over 2 inches taller, which is not ‘much’ taller and also irrelevant!


They were mullered in scrums in plenty of games, and not just by Poitre.
Being soft is knowing you’ll get hurt and going hiding. Putting yourself in the way, no matter how ineffective a tackler you are/were, knowing you’ll probably end up getting hurt, is not being soft.
You have a clear dislike for O’Gara.
I did mention in my original post that Munster were great at the lineout and at mauling. You said everything in my post was inaccurate. Where am I inaccurate with regard to Munster’s lineout and mauling play?
You wondered how O’Gara held onto the jersey for so long. Before Sexton came along, who was the alternative? Or are you referring to the Munster jersey?

And again, in case you didn’t read it in my last post, I never said Sexton was much taller so stop putting it in quotation marks.

Here’s a little one for you…

O’Gara may not have made many tackles but he still put himself on the line…


Okay. The being good at mauling and line out play was bang on. The rest wasnt, in my opinion and you did say ROG was ‘much smaller’. Telling me to watch videos/matches is silly as I’m fairly sure I’ve watched as much rugby as you have. I firmly believe that O Gara shirked physical contact and was generally protected by his pack. You can stick up as many clips as you want! Go into any rugby club and ask people what they think. They will not agree with you, unless you are in Con!


There are plenty of people in rugby clubs who have opinions on rugby. I reckon I, and you, for that matter, would have a good chance of knowing more than they do about the game. They go there to chat about the old times with their “old muckers”.


Not sure how people conclude that he’s past his best physically. He gets injured on occasion, recovers, and comes back. Hes only had one significant recurring injury which was his hamstring IIRC? I’d argue he’s at his peak now. Seems the bulkiest (is that a word?) he’s ever been. Pace hasn’t diminished. Still as strong in the tackle/being tackled. Mind seems sharper too.

Was the main man for the lions at 10 and there’s nothing in France there. Sopoaga seems a decent player but Carter he is not. Barrett is the obvious best 10 but seems to enjoy 15 a bit more. Less pressure there for him.


If there was a good player in France, they’d never pick him! The French gave up on playing rugby years ago. It’s all battering-ram stuff now. Too many foreign players too. Gone are the days of Blanco smoking a Gauloise at half time and scoring stunning tries just after! What a pity.


Heard some stat at the weekend at number of South Africans playing over there. The drink made me forget! But most certainly it’s a sham over there. Must be close to comparable to soccer in England.


Absolutely and having similar effects on the National team.


Again, I was talking about his current physical abilities. I think he’s the best fly-half Ireland have had since Campbell. Hard to compare eras of course.

You can’t be serious about BOD and POC? The Irish rugger fraternity, their lackies in the Irish media, and many abroad had BOD as “greatest ever centre in the world”, and “greatest ever Irish player” since way before he retired. POC was always revered, and many stated he was Ireland’s “true leader” during that era.


Fair points. I do feel he has slowed up noticeably.


Again, a lot I’d agree with there.


I just don’t see it. Anyway, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.