Rugby 2018


Fair points, Bart but O’Gara (nor anyone else) was never going to displace Wilkinson in 2001 or 2005. A Welsh influenced management and coaching set-up favoured Stephen Jones (a very good player himself) over O’Gara in 2009. The two most recent Lions’ tours have seen Sexton favoured by Welsh coaches, but not at the exception of a viable Welsh option at 10. The main contender to Sexton has slotted in at inside-centre.


His (lack of) size told against him, in fairness. He never tried NOT to tackle. David Humphreys, I always felt, was a player who seemed to go missing on occasions.


i could watch that gif all day.


Will always have time for ROG after his heroics in '09.


Thought you were busy? :wink:


Sexton for me is a better all round player . He moves a back line better because he takes it to the line more often and he’s a much better tackler and defensive organiser

That could all be just because Sexton is a big unit . But in rugby now size is everything


One thing that Sexton doesn’t appear to do, that O’Gara & Wilkinson did often enough is attempt the drop goal.

In fact, I can’t remember the last time Sexton had a go.


Drop goals aren’t that common really, and I don’t think Sexton has been involved in many games where a drop goal was needed.
He, of course, announced himself on the big stage with this one from the halfway line in a Heino Cup final.

Edit: Here are two examples of Sexton kicking drop goals to win games in the last couple of minutes (as well as another huge halfway line dropgoal in a Heino Cup game) (would advise to watch on mute as music is horrible)


Some beauties there alright .


But does it drown out Ryle’s commentary? If it does, it’s entirely justified.


Shocking dive there by O’Halloran. That’s the second one by a Connacht player in this half. Must be watching another team out West … :wink:


Watched the highlights of England v oz in rugby league World Cup in oz & there were plenty of empty seats. what’s the story with that? You constantly hear how big league is in oz and this was s crucial match?


Sexton is most certainly physical.


O Gara never shirked responsibility? Are you totally mad? He hid behind a savage pack for his entire career and that’s known throughout rugby. I was always amazed how he retained his jersey. The number 10 channel was always available when he was playing.


I think the video clip posted earlier proves otherwise.
Munster’s pack in those years were generally good at mauling and lineout play. They were generally poor at scrummaging. Opposing 8’s usually had a head start with momentum when picking off at the back of a scrum against Munster. Add in that O’Gara is much smaller than Sexton then I think your dismissal of him is unwarranted. It’s like comparing Stringer and Murray.


Unbelievable win for Ireland at the Rugby League World Cup!! I hope we win it so the players can take the trophy home … and touch Irish soil for the first time ever …




You are just wrong on this! All of that post is inaccurate!


Eh? I said that physically he’s past his best. He doesn’t the former mobility, nor the ability to ship hits as well, as shown by his frequent injury hold-ups in games.


I don’t deny he is past his prime. I think he is a brave player who has been targeted often in his career. We won’t replace him too easily!