Rugby 2018


Fair enough re Horgan, but I thought Dowling had great potential but his career was suffocated and ended ultimately by injuries.


I’d actually rate him better currently than Rob Kearney. I reckon Kearney is finished. Does he still have a central contract?


I agree. Kearney’s best years are way behind him. His big strength used to be under the high ball but even that isn’t near what it used to be. He’s an awful man for returning a kick by just running back half hearted with his head down into a tackle with no support and then getting pinged for holding on. He does it every game.


Would agree but he is playing to instruction too. However is pace is shot
I actually think Zebo was very talented but his off field antics ensured he never developed . Big fish in a small pond in Munster
With Aki getting an audition at 12 Henshaw may go to 13 with ringrose to the back 3
The alternative is Henshaw to 15 which I think gives Ireland a better back line

Murray , sexton , earls Aki, ring-rose, stockdale and Henshaw would be very exciting


Aki selected for Ireland?


Yep. Qualifies next month


Donncha O’Callaghan has announced/confirmed that he will retire at the end of this season. He’ll always be remembered for that lineout in his red y-fronts!


Won’t happen this November series anyway as Ringrose is still injured. They had hoped to have him back but latest target is the end of November/early December to get him some game time prior to Leinster’s back-to-back games against Exeter Chiefs in Champions Cup.


Feck sake. Supposed to be top 5 team in the world and drafting in foreign players. What a joke. :roll_eyes:


All Blacks have been doing this for donkeys years.


Not sure that’s entirely accurate, have seen nz and England fans argue the toss over this for years and the impression I get is most of the nz lads at least go through their underage development in nz. Not the same as employing someone to move here with the only intention of giving them a cap as soon as they qualify.


Not to our extent . Northern hemisphere teams the worst offenders


They just do it at an earlier age. Identify talented Islanders and offer them and their families a better life in NZ.


Yep. It’s how they end up in NZ academies thats the problem.


A former NZ Rubgy League international recently became eligible for the England rugby Union team. Denny Solomona played twice for England on their Summer tour of Argentina. That is about as bad as it gets.


Been happening for years. Shontayne Hape and Henry Paul went before him.

Every nation is at it. Think they’re changing residency eligibility to 5 years? Won’t stop the pursuit of project players in to clubs academies though.


Makes a mockery of international sport.


As does buying African athletes for Olympic medals …


It does. Unfortunately the demand for success trumps everything else at the elite level of sport. The much maligned grandparent rule at least offers some policing of the skullduggery !


The bullshit and lies peddled about the All Blacks is unreal. They have been harvesting players from the islands for years. When you play them, you are playing against probably four countries, not one.