Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


I think I posted earlier in the year about the media slant in relation to rugby compared to GAA especially in the Independent Media Corp newsprint .

Again the result of the French game brought it to light. I can’t recall a worse French team to the extent that had some people in the crowd played for France in the second half - would we have noticed the difference? But our performance was unreal apparently.

If Dublin beat Meath by 15 points in the Leinster Championship this summer - it will all be about the demise of Gaelic Football .

When Ireland beat a hapless French outfit it’s about how good Ireland were.

i suppose when you have corporate sponsors to keep happy ( TV3 can’t be expected to do proper analysis ) - and when you have Matt " who has he ever coached that was any good" Williams in the chair - the odds get longer again …

The double standards are quite extraordinary and there is a nasty element in the media who is hell bent on reducing Gaelic Games to the waste-ground of Irish sport.


Here he is again, always full of it. Certainly knows how to try to rattle opponents and gain any sort of mental edge for his own team. And why not I suppose:


Ireland manhandled (a substandard) France for 60 minutes and had the bonus point in the bag after 56 minutes. What would you have done then? Leave our frontline players on and risk injury in a match that was done and dusted. I have faith in Joe who I reckon has his eye on the long game.

Seems to me that that watching the Irish rugby team annoys you.If something annoys me on the tv, I dont bother watching it!


Agree 100 percent the media have hyped that French result to a unbelievable extent n not one critically looked at our procession / score ratio which was appalling…


Your last 2 posts on this are shite to be fair.

Comparing Gatlands record to Schmidt’s for example. During his short enough tenure in Ireland he has won 3 six Nations and 3 European trophies with Leinster. Gatland has been around launched the 90s ffs. Just a lazy comment and not a fair comparison.

Anybody with half a brain isn’t hyping up the France result. Everyone knows it was “Job done before the hour mark and all eyes on the Wales game”. Hope Ireland stuff them today.


I hope we stuff them too but it’s not at all likely going to mean much for us in terms of this championship, rather we could do with a big performance to build towards the WC. Even then that’s months away but we want to see our squad showing signs of depth again. I think a draw would be an acceptable result for everyone in many ways. Except for England, and they won’t really care much for winning the championship or not, Slams are their real currency of value.

On a personally petty and churlish level I just don’t want to see Gatty sail off into the 6N sunset with the perfect finish, at our expense. He will never be seen as that sort of much-loved character, except possibly by Welsh people.


Would you stop! He was an excellent coach who was shafted by Eddie O Sullivan (useless coach) and the suits in the IRFU. Garland would have every right to feel that he was treated badly in Ireland. We have no grounds for a grudge against him.


Not sure what that has to do with my post but having a go at the Green Party is a bit out of order mate.


Agree with that. Nobody is doubting Gatlands a good coach :+1:


Having seen the reverse angle replay there I can’t see what the penalty against Stockdale was for


That one by Stander was off his boot, not a knock-on. But I think ref called offside? Otherwise wrong call again. Looking like a mistake to leave the roof open, we can’t get any momentum.
Getting schooled here, no form for us this year so far. Need to avoid a mauling now


Getting their arses handed to them by the Welsh


Long time since that friendly in november


Correct call because he kicked it into the Irish player in front of him who was accidentally offside which is what the ref called.


Kildare and Mayo of the rugby world that shower…toffs


That’s it so. The ‘expert’ commentators kept calling it a knock-on even after the ref called offside.
Ref absolutely ruthless with everything. Bit of a homer but no excuses, Ireland are flat-footed like every game bar against a poor French effort.


I think we can call it world cup year syndrome i.e being totally overhyped by the media when every other country is concentrating on the world cup.


Could Sexton and Healy be having worse games ?


Friendlies in November mean nothing it seems :joy:


Come on goys, we can still get a losing bonus point roysh!