Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Ireland stopped playing in the last ten minutes, no sign of the replacements being up to much. At least we won’t get hyped up so much to win next week.


Sets things up nicely for next week. Beat the Welsh and then hope the Scots do us a favour. Big ask though. Haven’t won at Twickenham since 1983 :grimacing:


Did France manage a score? Just caught a few seconds there and French players laughing and joking coming off, lack of hurt plain to see.


They got two converted tries. RTÉ report still headlines that Ire “demolished” them. Ehhhhhh not exactly Ryle


It was 26 -0 last i saw, a paneling in anyone’s language. Two consolation tries don’t change that really. Game was won.


Yep. They weren’t going to throw their bodies onto the line once the win and BP was wrapped up with the game coming up on Saturday


Has to be one of the worst French teams ever. Mind you, they weren’t too bad, defensively, to have not conceded more - especially in the first half.
Cian Healy was immense, he played like a man possessed. I thought his ‘try’ was valid, sufficient downward pressure.
2nd French try should never have been awarded. Firstly, I can’t believe that the “on-field” decision was a try, the referee could never have seen a grounding. Secondly, four or five French players broke away from the maul with possession. The leading player was not in possession and was, possibly with other players, offside in leading the drive and nullifying potential Irish tacklers. I cannot see how the officials didn’t pick up on this.


Seems our joe is the undisputed worlds best coach according to the highly world renowned Irish rugby media … personally I think gatland has achieved a lot more than St Joe given his resources … can’t say I’m a fan of gatland but his record is more impressive I feel … I’m talking internationally here … views ?


Gatland is a great coach. So is Joe. Gatland has had longevity at Wales and done, was it two Lions tours? He’s still a bit of a cnut though


Gatland did brilliantly with Wasps as well.


Joe did brilliantly with Leinster didn’t he?


Gatland has won 3 Six Nations titles with Wales (2 of which were Grand Slams) in 10 attempts (I think he missed 2 tournaments due to Lions commitments). Schmidt has won 3 titles (1 Grand Slam) in 5 attempts.


I think Schmidt has had much better players to work with, evidenced by the record of Irish teams in Europe (particularly Leinster) and that of the Welsh teams. I also think that Schmidt had a better Irish squad given to him from the outset, albeit low on confidence. I am not saying that one is better over the other, though.


Not trying to argue a point here, but interesting looking at Wikipedia:
Schmidt has won 50 out of 68 games (74% win ratio)
Gatland has won 52 out of 102 games (51% win ratio)

Schmidt’s predecessors had 43% (Kidney) and 35% (O’Sullivan) win ratios.
Gatland’s predecessors had 30% and 65% win ratios.


Fair point regarding Irish teams in Europe, though Wales have some players playing in England.
On the other hand, look at how many Welsh players made the Lions teams compared to Irish players (with a perhaps biased manager).


What was Gatland’s win rate as Ireland’s coach? Probably not great. But he did progress the mindset of the squad a lot, I believe.
If fairness to Kidney, a bad last year or two really hurt his ratio. He turned the almost men of EO’S into a Grand Slam winning team, albeit that none of them have really done the business in the WC.
That negative (to each of them) is somewhat offset for Schmidt with the two wins over NZ. How many coaches have had their teams win two tests against NZ in the last 10 year?


Cullen and Lancaster sign new deals at Leinster


Next year Lancaster will be on the Ireland management with Farrell.


Dual role? Surely, the IRFU would sanction his new contract with Leinster?


We shall see!