Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


It already is split.
Kieron Read has come out against the world league, says it’s just about money and will result in more meaningless games.
I suppose at least a tour or a test series like with summer and autumn internationals is something to follow up to a point but I would’ve thought a new league would get rid of those sort of tours. Evidently not.


God forbid , but someone ,someday is going to get seriously injured or worse on live TV playing professional rugby , mercy of god it hasnt happened already .




That will be a threat to Irish world rugby dominance


Curious decision, two of their better teams and then starting a new team in north wales.


I’d have thought they would have just scrapped the Newport franchise - perennial strugglers.


Doesn’t seem to be going down too well in Wales


It’s a really good decision as it will have a team capable of actually winning the Champions Cup.

Geographically it makes sense. Ospreys aren’t competitve anymore and it allows them to put a professional team in North Wales which is badly needed


Sean Cronin dropped for the game against France. Really shows how desperate we are in that position.


Just shows you how lucky we are with the 4 provinces being a natural fit for 4 rugby teams.


Yeah apparently they get better crowds at their AIL equivalent than Pro14. And all 4 regions are within about 100km of each other.


Is Dublin not a province too …


Very mountainy country, travel between North and south is slow and as far as I’m aware there aren’t many internal flights


Well to be fair to the governing body

the Ospreys have broken their transfer cap 3 years in a row

They went to the Cardiff blues to do their own amalgamation deal without telling anyone but Cardiff said no.

They then went to Llanelli - who got the governing body involved which the Ospreys agreed with

They then pulled out when they didn’t get their own way on everything …


Another brilliant game in the u20s


They played savage rugby. Great game.


Some achievement again.


France are still rubbish but Ireland seem to have found form again.

Gatland was at it again yesterday. “The players have a dream…” and, “When you look back on a Grand Slam there is always one game you think was close and that was probably today.”

I know he likes to wind people up but I do wonder is he losing it? Going to be a cracking contest next week by the looks


I’ve almost entirely given up watching rugby, but don’t give up hope, France usally collapse in the last 20 minutes :grin:


Eddie Jones, never been a fan, but he does come out with some funny sheet. I think he’s just bored and over it at this stage:

“We had a couple of hard training runs against Georgia, a few nights on the beer. Just relaxing, enjoying each other’s company,” Jones said.

"And a bit of fun organised by the players in between the hard training. It’s just finding that right balance.

"We went punting in Oxford last week. We did a tour of some of the university buildings - I don’t know how much the players enjoyed that part! It was a good education for them and a bit of fun.

“I went to a coffee shop, I couldn’t imagine putting on a straw hat!”