Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Interesting now. Are England going to lose another big, close game?


Same old England, all beef and no proper sauce. Wales kept in touch and when the pot started to bubble England discovered the leeks.


Great game. Wales smashed them in last 20, England no answer. Williams Bigger and the scrum half exceptional. Looks like Ireland will have to go to Cardiff to stop them winning the slam.

Scotland are dreadful, and infinitely worse without Hogg and Russell .


Didn’t see it but apparently ireland made hard work of Italy today?


Very poor performance. Got the bonus point win, but it can’t mask the number of mistakes made. Asks serious questions about the often mentioned “strength in depth”

Huge improvement needed for French game, never mind the trip to Cardiff after that.


Dreadful stuff for sure. Only positives I can take is that Wales were very poor in their first 2 and came good yesterday. And we got a bonus point whereas they didn’t. Oh and France are still pony.


Pony or not, If we play anyway like today against France we’ll be beaten out the gate.




We never get it easy against France, away or at home. And they beat Scotland easier than we did.
We are definitely gone off the boil, performance wise at least we need to find something before the end of this championship, it’s all sparring after that


I think Ireland should give more game time to younger players. Even if we beat France and Wales, we won’t finish ahead of England. Forget about the Six Nations and blood younger players. Let the more senior players have a few extra weekends off and come back fresher for training before the World Cup - though Sexton and Murray could well do with more game time.
Sean Cronin’s lineout throws are woeful, by the way.
We are badly missing Dan Leavy, in my opinion. I think if we can have PO’M, CJ and Leavy as our starting back row in the WC, it will make a huge difference. Gary Ringrose is also a loss.
Hooker and Full-Back are our main concerns, I would say.


Great name for a special night club! :yum:


Even if we win our last two games with bonus points we probably won’t win the championship as England will probably win their last two with bonus points. Even if they only pick up one bonus point they are likely to have much better score difference


Thought the Gatland reaction to the game in Cardiff let slip a bit of arrogance, when he said “England have lost yet another defining game”. Apart from it being an unnecessary shite hawkish thing for a coach to say about another team, it smacked a bit of dismissing Ireland, as for both them and Wales it wasn’t a defining game with two still to play.
JS will have noted that, privately amongst the team and co.


That’s stretching it a bit looking for offense, it was a defining game as they were both unbeaten at that point. As grand slam champions I doubt Gatland is writing off ireland at all.


True but if the boot was on the other foot Gatland would be making something out of it in the media. And with two games to go it only defined that England can’t win the Slam. But it was not smart choice of words, as Wales will need to win a defining game at home themselves against us. Especially if they dont


Gatland and not a smart choice of words is nothing new. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Two good challenges now to get the ship back on track, france are still poor enough but have improved so any kind of win would be good and then wales possibly going for the grand slam could be anoher good test.


What’s all this about a world league?


It’s a plot to get Dublin out of Croker


Split New Zealand…