Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Unreal, their full back is not covering behind, what’s the theory behind that?


France are getting worse instead of better, England are better balanced with Farrell at 10 and slade in center. He’s not popular here but Farrell is a quality 10.


I don’t know who was more embarrassing team today - France in Twickenham or Chelsea in the Etihad.

France’s tight head prop plays in the second tier of their League system.
Reverting back to Fatso Basteraud is abbysmal.
That must be a record defeat of some sort for France?


That’s 3 wins from 19 games now. Bloody hell.

Bastareaud is shite


I think I heard in commentary that they beat them 38-0 way way back


he was the best u20 prop in the world next year. He’s on loan in the second tier.

france have serious players there under 25 - just clowns on the sideline who couldn’t run a bath


Back to the future?


Is he being denied a starting spot at his parent club by an overseas import?


Wa-hey - it’s Billy Brexit!!


Sean O’Brien off to London Irish after the WC

Incredible player when at his best


He was, injuries didn’t help him, whatvagebis he now? Thought he was still relitively young?




Mutuvambi gallemeyo vis.

32 on Thursday.


I hate typing in my phone :iphone:

32 not old for a forward?


I’d say the IRFU were reluctant to invest in a new central contract on a player prone to injuries.
Great player. He will do well with Reading Irish.


Hopefully got a nice deal, make a few bob before he retires. Fantastic player when at his best.


Yeah not a chance he’d be getting a central contract due to his age and injury profile.
Then he’d have to take a considerable pay cut to be on just a provincial contract, and considering he averages 6-8 games a season for Leinster, can’t imagine they could have offered him much. Getting himself a great deal with LI


Could have 4-5 seasons left in him if he gets over the injury issues. Big If i suppose.