Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


SA may of course beat NZ and we may of course not win our group.
I feel though that both NZ and Ireland can beat them. I hope assuming we make the Qtr Finals that we get SA rather than the ABs. I think then we will make it through to the semi-final.

If we did manage that I wouldn’t fancy us to win against Wales and if by some miracle it’s France I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us lose to them too, pedigree. I think we would beat Argentina or England, Arg because we won’t either fear both nor be any way overconfident against them. There, I’ve said it.
Its all about getting through the Qtr Final, avoiding the ABs.

If we do, then ABs to beat Ireland in the final. Semifinals(hopefully): Ire Vs Eng. NZ Vs Wales or Arg.


Women’s rugby … huh? :thinking::thinking:


Just looks all wrong. How do they find the numbers?




Joey carberry WTF ???


Take the win & move on but it was a hard watch. Very scrappy game.


Just what the teacher ordered. For now


Carberry is young. And very inexperienced. Barely even played 10 at Leinster. Massive boots to fill coming in cold for Sexton early doors in an away test. I know there was a poor tackle involved but his break for Earls try was class. He’s going to be a star but there’ll be mistakes and steep learning curves along the way.


Its funny to watch the different media coverage of yesterday .

If that was a Gaelic Football match - all we’d hear about is the “game is finished”

That was absolute horse-shite yesterday from both teams. Two very average teams . To listen to O Gara saying it was a heroic performance… the media coverage is just lamentable. They must have paid contracts not to criticise anyone.

Ireland as boring as ever to watch with a processions of one out runners with no Plan B. It’s effective but come WC Time it ain’t going to work.
Scotland tried to play rugby but they are so hapless skills wise … if they couldn’t win yesterday they won’t in 7 months.

Carberry the only bright spot - because he tries to play… And he’s on the bench …


They must have read your post, the Tv3 lads have back tracked as to how good yesterday was. In fairness to Matt Williams, he was critical off the bat about how poor Ireland were in attack. Can only hope we’ll improve once Sexton Ringrose and Henshaw are fit.

Engerland should beat the French handy. The latter have made 6 changes from the first day, didn’t think they were that poor, just careless and reckless as usual.


Interesting points they’re making about France, too much chopping and changing, players not established at club level being throw in and then dropped. Crazy. Do think they’ll match English physically today, so will be a slog I expect.


I switched over to Tg4 once I saw that big screen and Horgans massive head dissecting that tripe from yesterday :):sweat_smile:

Usually couldn’t stomach watching Galway but beggers can’t be choosers.

France have some class players. But that disruption as you say is a major issue. Biggest issue is that the best players in France generally aren’t French. So their hands are forced somewhat. Just hope they can pull off a big shock, but England were so good last week, if they hit 80 per cent of that it should be enough.


Flicking between the two myself.,


Did they just say France have won only 3 is last 12 … :flushed:

Haven’t beaten England away since 2005 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe that should have read 8 per cent.

Yeah they’ve fallen asunder over the last decade. None of those stats would surprise me.


England threatening to run riot here.


France are awful


Handy one for England. The tournament won I’d say, possibly even the slam too.


Having said that great try


French defence is abysmal. Wales the only ones left to stop English grand slam