Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


The best team won but you’d have to question Joe’s team selection.

Henshaw hasn’t played full back in 4 years and brought no pace there.
Sexton hasn’t played in a month and couldn’t get to the pace of the game.

The IRFU really need to ditch their own rule about not playing lads who aren’t contracted. Zebo surely would have been better at full back yesterday than what we had.

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England will get further in the WC then Ireland in my view.

Every other country trains for the WC . And they adjust their 4 year cycles accordingly .

Ireland trains to win Grand Slams and 6 Nations and until that changes it will be a last 8 exit again in the WC… They’ve peaked too early again and will be on a downward spiral this year.

Ireland have very little chance of beating either SA or NZ in a WC quarter final. None against NZ and very slim against SA in my opinion.



Yeah Joe Schmidt hasn’t a clue.



First I’ve heard of a team peaking a year and a half too early. I expect Ireland to come back well in this championship in terms of performance at least. Ireland needed to win things and reach a certain consistent level of performance whilst they could, no guarantee that trying to peak for a WC from 18 months out would lead to anything other than disappointment all round. Instead they have the belief and the experience of winning things and knowing they can live with the best in the world, on their day.

JS will have planned to let his team off the full throttle for a little while and then build it up as the year goes on. He doesn’t have the depth of squad nor the youth in some of his men to keep them going for the guts of a full year. England had stuff to prove and to sort out in this 6N. They were already getting back to something like their previous form last autumn. The big test for them is how they react in a close battle in the final 15 minutes of a game, I think that’s where there’s always been a weakness with them the last number of years.

Also Ireland look like having most of their players playing at a high level in the Euro Cup well into this year.

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The game was more important for england and they seem to have most of their big players back from injury which was always going t help. slade has been touted as a player with potential for some time, so he was always likely to come good. They seem to have also finally dropped that donkey Hartley. So england are in a better place than before.

The worry would be that they have shown others a template for taking us on, while we have played some great rugby the last few years a lot of our game plan revolves around kicking and hoping for mistakes which isnt something which seem like a terribly reliable template - but then what the hell do i know, it won a grand slam last year. But a bit like when o’neills luck ran out with the soccer lads, it ran out for good. Anyways we’ll see, who is next up?



They haven’t - he is injured. Scotland away this Saturday at 2.15.



Should be a good one, good chance to get back on the horse.




A week after writing the Dubs off, Sweeney goes after the rugger lads. Is it any wonder players and management don’t want anything to do with these guys?

Deflation once again. Humiliation once again. The revelation of our limitations once again. It was fun while it lasted but we can forget that fantasy of an Irish World Cup victory. There is only one Six Nations team with a chance of upsetting the All Blacks in Japan and it wears white, plays home games in Twickenham and is managed by Eddie Jones.



we’ll see. England played Saturday like it was the 6 nations decider not the first game out. Will the French level things out next weekend?



French are flakey as ever. Can’t see them beating the Brexit Bulldogs. Wales game may be the only one to stop a sweet chariot grand slam.



god, i dislike the welsh even more than the english, thats why im hoping the french get their act together for 80 min



The Welsh are sound! Have you ever been to a game in Cardiff?



I was there for the 2007 game - which coincidentally was 12 years ago today. One standout memory was finding myself walking behind Katherine Jenkins who sang manna from heaven or whatever that song is. She was in a Welsh jersey and a pair of jeans. I walked way way past where I was supposed to walk.



Welsh are great rugby people. Just don’t like Gatland but credit where its due, and amazing longevity in that nob

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It’s all about opinions . But I’d base mine on .

  • Ireland have never peaked for a WC yet
  • Very difficult to create a new game-plan in 8 months.
  • SH countries will have their European players available to them
  • Totally dependant on Sexton and Murray being healthy. Clear enough JS has no faith in Carberry or the reserve 9’s after last Saturday

Nothing to say SA couldn’t beat NZ either. Last 8 exit I think for me.

ireland should beat France, Scotland and Italy relatively comfortably but i think Wales will beat them.



Scotland away can be a tricky wicket old boy



Yeh if we lose that it, championship over but just looking for some form before the end. But at least we go there with something to prove. I think three wins and improving form will be a useful outcome for us. Four wins would be very impressive at this stage. Would be gas if England slipped up somewhere then…



SH countries will have European players available as much as any other time. NZ and Aus won’t pick European based players, SA always do. Argentina may be a bit stronger



Australia will pick European based players as long as they have played over 60 games for Australia before moving to Europe.

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