Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Wales 16-0 down at half time and playing like drains. Tres enjoyable.


Flakey French at it again …




Wales won 24-19 … French shite 2nd half … horrible tries conceded


Just seen north’s try. Ffs.


Which one?!?!?!


Where huget had time to gather and clear but scooped it to north instead somehow.


The u20s beat England & The women were hammered.


Former Dublin Minor Hurler David Hawkshaw (Leinster Champions 2016) was the Captain of the U.20’s. He was injured in the second half.


England have been very good to be fair , absolute monsters some of them , in saying that Ireland have been absolutely dreadful .

England so clever just targeting henshaw (who hadnt been in the game) and anyone in behind. Ireland not competing enough at breakdown & set pieces . England won all there line outs .


A fair bating at home.


Overhyped? Thought no eng players could get in our team!!


There’s no hype like Irish rugby hype


We’d have had a chance if Dermo had played. Just saying


No harm at all. Nice wake up call. We don’t just have to turn up in Japan and pick up the Webb Ellis after all.


Ireland were very poor, never got going. Although the officials missing the forward pass in the build up to the third try could end up making a difference, it meant a bonus point for England and cost Ireland losing bonus point.


Stupid game in anyways


Was thinking the same actually, might be no harm, so long as the wheels don’t come off entirely. As grand slam championships you are there to be knocked off the perch. Doesn’t suit us.


The biggest disaster is we can’t win the Triple Crown …


Our only real concern is whether our elder statesmen are over the hill. Can’t see Toner or Best lasting the pace tbh, and the TT is injury prone. Sexton is defying the ravages of time and attrition, incredible really, but it could tip over any time.

I suspect JS knows what he’s at, and a down period right now could be a good thing come Japan. England have alot to prove right now after last year and good and all as they were today(and had quite a bit of luck too) I think they will be back on their arses in Japan the first really serious team they play. Very one-dimensional