Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


The rugby coverage in Ireland is nauseating though. No real coverage of the issues facing the sport by any Irish publication . At least one thing you can notice if you travel or have lived abroad is in the UK and France some effort has been made to highlight the dangers in the sport. And the undoubted abuse of PED’s in all rugby playing countries

I would have to agree with Ewan Mc kenna;s view on it - (about the only thing I’d agree with him on)

  • how big a deal is it - as only 9 countries are truly competitive at it

  • Ireland’s player management system ensures the public get screwed over attending a non -competitive league (30 euros to watch leinster academy v zebre for example… in the Pro 14)

  • How challenge match wins are celebrated like a county winning the AI ( our soccer team also play challenge matches for world ranking points … victories there tend to be fairly muted)

  • Most of the supporters don’t know the rules, never played it and wouldn’t recognise most of the players if they were standing in front of them . It’s a social event for an excuse for a piss up

  • How everyone from Munster apparently was at the all blacks win in 1978 … if that was the case the stadium must have been the same size as Mecca

  • It’s apparently a sport for everyone yet 90% of the squad for the All Blacks win went to private school

  • The rugby clubs are even more forgotten by the governing body then the GAA Clubs

  • How only great sporting exploits in Ireland now exist on a rugby pitch. Other sports stars achievements can’t be as good …because it;s not rugby

  • It’s the people’s sport according to Neil Francis yet despite it now being at the zenith of its popularity i- it’s the 4th highest participation sport in ireland …

  • How former rugby stars like Reggie Corrigan, ,Malcolm O Kelly and Ronan O Gara kids play other sports and not rugby …

I’m a rugby agnostic I have to admit…


Get off the fence!


Not sure about 4th highest, I think more people play basketball. 4th biggest field sport.,


I don’t get the “public being screwed over”. Fans know what kind of team will be put out against different teams and many/most like watching the up and coming lads as well as the established lads, especially when they’re winning and playing good rugby.
Would you say Dublin fans that attend O’Byrne Cup or league games are being screwed over? And football is even less competitive but still a big deal.
Rugby has test matches, soccer has friendlies. Test matches are much bigger deals than soccer friendlies, probably just because of clever marketing. Seems a jealousy thing there.
I’d say more hurling supporters wouldn’t recognise hurlers in the street - what’s the point? Maybe they don’t know all the rules but they know most/main ones. Supporters in all sports seem not to know all the rules.
I’d say in years to come there’ll be more people that attended all of Dublin’s X in a row than actually did. People like to exaggerate.
As far players kids playing other sports, so what?

  • My point on the public being screwed is the outcry from GAA people last week that paying 90 euros to watch the best two teams in the land play the final of our competitions is over-priced . Yet they’ll go to the RDS and watch the Leinster academy play a joke "professional outfit "on a Friday night for 35 euros . Or go to the Aviva Stadium and pay 200 euros to watch the team play a challenge match again the big 3 Southern Hemisphere sides. The hypocrisy from these so called GAA fans really is uniquely Irish.

  • test matches are not bigger deals then soccer friendlies in my opinion because both fixtures apply world ranking points in exactly the same fashion. They are bigger deals in rugby because a minority sport has to raise itself above the parapet by marketing itself in a different form and claiming these games are bigger then they actually are. However I do admire the genius in the IRFU who does this because he is exceptionally good at his job.

  • I think rugby is the biggest bandwagon sport in the world. It’s the sport that every parent wants everyone else’s kids to play. Nobody knows the rules, players, or plays it but this is "rugby country " now apparently …

When a former Lion previously controlled the newsprint in this country - his legacy has been .

  • No negative articles about rugby

  • Irish Rugby players indiscretions for PED’s , recreational drugs and other extra curricular activities all covered up

  • All GAA fights to make the front page every Monday. All similar rugby events to be put down to the spread of rugby in Northsde territories in Dublin and not to be reported.

  • Ireland’s lamentable World Cup Record never to be mentioned but all 6 Nations wins to be rehashed every 6 months just in case the masses ever ask why when all 9 countries have there best players available to them we can’t come any higher then 8th out of 9 in the WC…

  • Numerous articles on the demise of Gaelic Football. The rise of the blanket defence and the birth of rugby in Ireland have co-incided with the attendances at rugby. Except forgetting that after 18 nobody wants to play rugby… minor details for the O Reilly Corporation.

I don’t dislike the sport, I don’t dislike the players as you have to give due credit to people who will almost certainly pay a very heavy price later in life. However the media coverage really is a case study for any new MBA Degree on the rebirth of of a media dictatorship in Ireland


It’s not €35 for a Pro 14 game

Many valid points but you sound remarkably like somebody else.


Okay getting a bit tin foil hat wearing there. I don’t think there’s a pro-rugby / knock the GAA agenda in the media. Ireland’s World Cup failures do get mentioned. The last one was 4 years ago - why keep going on about it? Why not instead focus on positive/happy/more recent things like the GS and beating NZ?
My gripe with the media is how much space foreign soccer teams fill.

Leinster have something like 12K season ticket holders, who pay different prices depending on where they want to sit/what they can afford. I’d say very few people would be buying a ticket for Zebre in the RDS for example. It’s the bigger games that ‘bandwagoners’ go along to. And you’ll find Leinster’s often sell tickets from as low as 10euro for games in Landsdowne. If you’re sour about paying 35euro for a game you should look at different pricing tiers, and different games. There are of course tickets for internationals for less than 200 too (making up numbers is a bit like Spewan…).

I don’t think the crossover of people that att be rugby matches and GAA matches is as big as you think. And considering Ireland and Leinster ticket prices have increased numerous times over the past decade, I doubt they’re the ones complaining tbh.


The crossover is not a problem for me .

But I do think there is an agenda in the media that is very anti-GAA and pro-rugby currently and I think it’s pretty unfair.

Regardless of blanket defences and Dublin having an exceptional team .the GAA is a bedrock of Irish society and I think it’s role is gradually being undermined by the publications out there and some other companies who have their own corporate agenda.

Four people have died playing rugby recently all of them young men. Surely that’s an important thing to highlight. More important then the odd row on a GAA field where I’ve yet to hear of a fatality

I don’t think any publications out there offer any balanced analysis of rugby and a different set of criteria is applied to GAA. I think that’s pretty unfair.


Yes it is … the main culprit being the GAA itself.


Football is a shit game now. That is the fault of the GAA. Handpassing has become a scourge. When the organisation tried to change this, intercounty managers managed to get the trial overturned. That is outrageous.


Still prefer football to hurling. Lashing the ball 90 yards is a great tactic but lacks for suspense and the challenge of working it past full-on defense and marking.


‘Working it’…means…run, hand-pass…run…hand-pass…run…hand-pass back towards your own goal…yawn…create chances …yawn…wear them down eventually…zzzz


I don’t want suspense. Or working things out. I want action, excitement, full on full throttle. Football used to be like that. It could be again if it’s released from the stranglehold of over cautious, fearful managers.


You haven’t watched much hurling recently have you?


Each to their own. Constant action and non-stop helter skelter is for the short-of-attention-span. I prefer a mix. Alot of assumptions and lack of appreciation outside your own preferences evident in your and Iomaints opinions on this subject. It seems that if people aren’t crying the sky is falling in because football isn’t hurling then you just assume they are apologists for constant blanket defence. I’ve never understood black and white polarised opinions about complicated subjects.


Plenty, enough. Not sure what you’re one-liner is suggesting so I’ll wait til you can be arsed to elaborate. Presume you’re referring to the use of sweepers etc. Yes at times hurling works the ball up the field and turns into much more of a hand-to-hand battle and that’s when I prefer it to the other way that people kept raving about, the GAA equivalent of Sevens rugger.

Of course it’s all an exaggeration but sometimes that’s the only way to get a point across here, where the soundbite one-liner dismissive comment sometimes gets valued more than a reasoned argument that looks at various elements of an issue.


It’s far from a shit game when played by top quality players and teams. But sure it’s all opinions. Just keep parroting the soundbites, the media agenda propoganda, the collective herd mentality misery wallow.


Said Jim Gavin.


My attention span is fine thanks. No need to descend into gratuitous insults.


Ah yea, I assume your 90 yard comment was a reaction to the football is shit stuff. I like modern football and think the attacking mark is going to lead to pop passes to forwards for frees, like Monaghan did to us. Don’t think that adds to the game at all.

Yea I was implying that modern hurling works the hall forward.

Back on topic I find rugby increasingly dull & the endless hype a turn off.