Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Racing vs Toulouse
Leinster Ulster
Edinburgh Munster
Saracens Glasgow

4 home wins I reckon . Munster won’t beat Edinburgh playing like they did last night anyway.


I don t know anything about them, outside of test rugby I don t have much interest in the sport . Just thought the idea of a northsider supporting Saracens v Leinster was quirky.


Only 1 english side in last 8 ,and 2 Scottish FFS


Well if you divide the Scottish National team in two, they should be good quality club sides.




There would be a knob-head element supporting Leinster that would almost turn you against them.


The Luuuunsters? Yep, they’re creepy and their ooky alright. But no worst than the blonde-with-shades-on-the-head-type-social-event Muuuuunsters really. Same goes for some GAA game attendees.


A big loss to both Racing and South Africa (Ireland group rivals in September’s World Cup) but an indictment also where the game is headed.


Concussion is gone crazy in rugby.


I know of an U16 GAA team that have three rugby playing lads who are under ongoing observation for head injuries.


That’s nuts. I’m all for lads playing different sports etc but i’d Think twice about rugby.


Some might not get a chance for a second thought.


There’s a lot happening in hurling too as well as football.

The rehabilitation time from a concussion is likely to be twice as long if you stay on the field for 20 minutes after being concussed.


Paddy Jackson on his way to London Irish for next season, apparently.


Rob Kearney and tackling … they really don’t go together


The Leinster tackling has been absolutely shocking tonight. Really poor performance littered with errors.


Still win?


Yep 22-17 but not good


Only probably missing 38 players


It’s frightening really. Last round of interview pros, 26/60 starters began at Leinster. Number could/should have been higher.