Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Will he ever be good enough to play for Ireland? I know he played in the U20 WC for France. Obviously, as things stand now, he’d need to be with an Irish side to be considered and I cannot see him making the bench right now for Leinster, never mind starting.


Munster had been interested in him before he went to Montpellier.


He might want to stay put, given the way the suits here treated his da!


Some game going on in Barnet. Sarrries 10-0 up after less than 10 mins. 12-10 down after 14, try puts them 17-12 up on 18 but Warriors score 3rd try to lead 19-17 … only 21 mins gone! It’d be great for Leinster if Glasgow won here.


Do know if I’ve said it on here before but I f@cking HATE Saracens.


24-19 up now. No blanket defences in this one. No defences at all!


Leinster should have a home quarter final. They will probably have an away semi final, assuming they get there. Given that the semi final will be 5 or 6 weeks after the 6 Nations finishes and injuries have time to heal, I think Leinster will fancy their chances away to anyone. I’d love to see them beat Saracens in London.
Munster will probably be away to Edinburgh, assuming they avoud defeat to Exeter. I think they will beat Edinburgh but that will be their lot.


Great intensity in Thomond but poor enough quality and lots of errors. Munster backs haven’t put together a single move in the first half and they are hanging on a bit.


Awful call from Murray there


Yeah crazy. They’re very one dimensional in ‘attack’ - box kick and nothing else.


Who’s 24-19 up??? :wink:


Big time. Awful to watch


And on two channels as well


I’d love to see the stats. Must’ve been way behind in terms of possession and territory. Two Leinster lads brought it home.


Cousin is a season ticket holder at Saracens. Originally from the rugby hotbed of east wall he now lives in Hendon. He went to the Leinster saracens semifinal at landsdowne wearing his Saracens jersey and cheering them in his Dublin accent.


Eddie getting his excuses in already. Surprised (Then again I probably shouldn’t) he hasn’t learned his lesson after shooting his mouth off last year and how that ended.


Jones has no scruples at all. His own first choice out-half for England is regularly pulled up in domestic club games for bawling at the referee. He (Farrell) gets away with a lot more, however.


I just find nothing to like about them, to be honest. In a huge amount of debt yet still paying big money contracts.


Good win for Leinster though they won’t be pleased with a couple of the tries conceded. Home QF against Ulster next. I like Ulster rugby …


So all the Irish teams win again. Seems to be the case almost every week at this stage?