Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Saw about ten minutes of Connacht v cheetahs, seemed to be about 20 people from Connacht in attendance. Fair to say the locals have zero interest?


Very surprised to read that Rochey while not for a second doubting you.

He came in to our college this week and gave us a lecture on leadership.
I’m not a fan of rugby so I wasn’t starstruck and could probably observe and judge him a bit more dispassionately than most.
I thought he came across as a thoroughly decent man, humble and self deprecatory with a very keen mind.
He’s very engaging and witty I thought and he gave generously of his time.
Like I say, that was just my experience of him.


I will explain some day about it all. I was very put off by him.

It’s part of his contract with IRFU (as an aside) that he completes public appearances as PR for the IRFU. Standard clause for managers.

Not trying to belittle your post at all, I’m sure he was all you said and more, but my experience was on a very personal level and left a very bad taste in my mouth… (ooooeeeerrrr matron!)


He’s a friend of our lecturer, it wasn’t for publicity or a contractual obligation as I doubt anyone outside of our college even knew about it.

I only posted it up really as I found it funny that we had such different experiences of him.
( now hurry up and PM me with the dirt! :slight_smile: )


It’s the first time I have heard anything negative about him too tbh


Rochey, we are all mistified here!


Like the guys above, I haven’t heard anything that isn’t of a positive nature about him either at Leinster or Ireland.


Earlsie certainly wouldn’t sit on the Dublin bench accumulating medals ,


WBig blow for les sassers

They really grind their players into the ground over there.


I think they now expect Itoje to be back.
Robbie Henshaw set to miss the start of the 6 Nations, though.
Jon Sexton getting more and more susceptible to injuries. It’s now vital for Joey Carberry to get as much game time as possible with Munster (and he was injured himself, yesterday).
Leinster not very convincing in their win over Bath but, they got the job done.


is it just me or has the hype about the ERc totally died down since it went fully ppv?


Sky probably had a wider audience.
Some empty spots on the terraces late on in Munster’s game - I don’t know if that was some people left before the game’s end. I believe it was a dire game.


Absolutely it has.

apart from the radio coverage on Newstalk you wouldn’t know there were ERC games on this weekend.


Channel 4 have one every round


Do they? … didnt even realise! not known for their sports coverage.


They have a 1.00pm slot on Saturday during the pool stages and will also have knockout games. They had Munster v Gloucester in Round 2, have Cardiff v Sarries next weekend and will have Leinster v Toulouse in Round 5 on 12 Jan - stick that one in the diary!


I think i’m washing my hair that day.


Sexton signed a new contract with Leinster and IRFU until 2021


Very short contract. 7 hours 37 minutes.