Rugby 2016/17


Gatland coming across as the archetypal Pommie whinger … even if he does live in Wales and is from New Zealand …


… and cut his international coaching teeth in Ireland.

He’s doing a great job of ensuring he’ll never get to be NZ head coach.


I’d say he wouldn’t get a gig with a bunch of U12s …

Can’t understand these managers whinging to the media about perceived wrongs to their players …


He never did and the chips on both shoulders have always been clear to see. But I also think he’s a clever manipulator of media and mind-games


Rassie Erasmus going to SA , confirming departure later today


Lions 24 NZ 21. Result .

Let me be the first to say - poor defending .


No surprise there. Huge loss to Munster was doing a good impression of making a silk purse out of a sows ear.


Good result but sounds like they limped over the line playing v 14 men for the whole second half.


They had a spare man for 61mins. Normal service will resume next week . Beaudan Barrett only kicked 7 from 11.
They had to win that game to save the franchise . Can’t warm to the lions anymore Used to love it but it’s just seen as an English team now . The sky sports coverage leaves me cold .


I’ve a passing interest in it as a mild curiosity. I doubt anyones day is ruined when the lions lose.


Great game all the same if only to enjoy the all blacks losing from time to time - I like the team but their public are very arrogant when it comes to rugby


If Murray and sexton weren’t there I’d probably be shouting for the all blacks. Trying to shout for Welsh and English players just ain’t happening for me . Can’t abide either
I like New Zealand as a country and as a race of people . They are as passionate about rugby as we are with GAA
When the troops went to battle in WW2 the New Zealand battalions were the first up. That’s why they are so hard to beat and today they nearly pulled it off


Me too - I don’t like the Lions brand at all -

But I like Sean o Brien also - he always rises high against the all blacks


Fixed that …


The new Zealanders like all the Irish players except sexton . They just don’t like England . Can’t say I blame them


Daft 'tackle ’ by SBW on Watson , don’t think he could complain . Just saw the brief highlights there . Kieran Read comes across really well in the post match interview .


He will be on the bench for a long time even if available . Hansen won’t forget that


They’re at that kind of tackle the whole time but usually hide it better than that.


Great drama. Keeps it all alive. Lions very nearly blew it but two tries and Farrell nerve less on the kicks that mattered was still a real achievement. Hard to believe that missed tackle for the first try though. Murray did well but gave away stupid penalties.
Lions protected their backs much better this time but the power of the ABs clear to see the way they not only held their own when down to 14 minus one of their pack but dominated a large part of the game after that. Again was surprised at two of the kicks BB missed.
SBW will be shafted by Hansen. Credit to Gatland, much as it pains me to say it he has a knack of getting the vital wins


Agreed , silly thing to do as there is no doubt with 15 on the pitch NZ would of won comfortably.

Penalty count was ridiculous , especially after half time , made you wonder what Gatland said at half time.

Lions had to win today as if they couldn’t beat a team with 14 men for 55 minutes ya may aswel throw your hat at it , great win all the same and next week will be a great game to watch.